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February 9, 2016

Terminal patients

Dave Pollard:
"Haven't been writing much of late. Maybe I'm finally appreciating these words from The Writing Life by Annie Dillard:
“Write as if you were dying. At the same time, assume you write for an audience consisting solely of terminal patients. That is, after all, the case. What would you begin writing if you knew you would die soon? What could you say to a dying person that would not enrage by its triviality?"

I like his blog eventhough it's pretty doomy. I like diversity, and think not everything should bealways 'like- minded'..

Simply crazy

To change for the better. You, yourself.
For having succes? Result? No, for living (truth)fully, and to share and give everything you get from Life. For the all. For no reason, actually. Becuse it's common sense and not to do so is simply crazy.
Not that it's 'the solution', 'cause we're never know we're saving the world at last. We won't know the result.

For me it's just clear.
There is so much to explore, so much to learn. So much Life has to give.
If we don't even want to take it ,we're just so incredible unthankful. And ill. And bring the world down. Life is so much more than our day to day routin.
There is so much to learn, find, share, celebrate change.

What holds back? 

February 7, 2016

People & Business

A very good read on the meaning of work.
Thank you, Esko Kilpi.

February 6, 2016

Tell me please!

Yes, I'm insecure.
I admit I am.
And I'm fine with it.

What I have to be sure of?
Please tell me!
Do I have to be in love with myself, adore myself?
See how great I am, like a godess?

I am not.
I will never be. I'm not, and will never 'be there'.
Cause I don't want.
Oh my, let me always learning and staying open.

Not having that appereance of 'I know all', 'I'm an expert and therefor very secure'.

I believe one thing: the fact I'm small.
Yes, the Universe is inmense. And so are we.
But we'all have a long way to go to totally 'be there'.
What ever "succesful" people may say and sell me ..  I know what is my real teacher.
The Universe itself.
My own relation with it.

It's funny in a way some people like to be 'more'. 
I don't buy it..


Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise
From outward things, what e’er you may believe.
There is an inmost center in us all,
Where truth abides in fullness; and around,
Wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in,
This perfect clear perception—which is truth.
A baffling and perverting carnal mesh
Binds it, and makes all error; and to know
Rather consists in opening out a way
Whence the imprisoned splendour may escape,
Than in effecting entry for a light
Supposed to be without.   -- Robert Browning, The Imprisoned Splendour


It seems so strange to me.

'How to deal with life' is more a common issue than actually learn and see all the things we can do. A 'dealing- with'- modus in opposite of having a totally different ground- attitude: namely to see what's in us, and what we can use to make change --immediately.
Instead of for example putting imagination and fantasy high on a pedestal (what I also have done).

This world. This is it. It isn't a dream. At all. Here is work to do. Now.

To 'deal with life' is totally opposite of how I see it.

And 'the way of life'? There isn't one. It's being. Here. Now.

Here is where? In our imagination? Our fantasy?* In our 'how it should be'? In our beautiful imagined utopia? In our -perfect- free world?

No. Here. In true relation. In what we can do together. To make a ripple. In this world. 
To deny what is here, all around, is mildly said unthankful.
It's easy to say that it's all an illusion. That's a dead end.
We're all part of this world. We created it all together.
It's easy to dream. It's easy to imagine. It's easy to 'fly into other ("devine") dimensions'. And yes, I know how delightful it is. But. It's harder to do. Simply do.

Have a look around you and see what is needed. What is urgent.
Where? When?
Indeed. Here. Now. Let's face everything.
Where and when else?

*"If one has an illusion, a fantasy, an image, then that is the very barrier that prevents one moving further. Can one honestly investigate what is an illusion? How does illusion come into being? What is the root of it? Does it not mean playing with something which is not actual?
The actual is that which is happening, whether it is what may be called good, bad or indifferent; it is that which is actually taking place. When one is incapable of facing that which is actually taking place in oneself, one creates illusions to escape from it. If one is unwilling or afraid to face what is actually going on, that very avoidance creates illusion, a fantasy, a romantic movement, away from that which is. That word 'illusion’ implies the moving away from that which is. 

So a mind that is no longer creating illusion, that has no hypotheses, that has no hallucinations, that does not want to grasp an experience of that which is called truth, has now brought order into itself. it has order. There is no confusion brought about by illusions, by delusions, hallucinations; the mind has lost its capacity to create illusions.
Then what is truth? The astrophysicists, the scientists, are using thought to investigate the material world around them, they are going beyond physics, beyond, but always moving outward. But if one starts inwards one sees that the 'me’ is also matter. And thought is matter. If one can go inwards, moving from fact to fact, then one begins to discover that which is beyond matter. Then there is such a thing as absolute truth, if one goes through with it."

-J. Krishnamurti

January 31, 2016

I just imported this blog in a wordpress site.Will see which one I prefere to use.

January 28, 2016


"So devine, not from this planet..!", I hear sometimes.
But hey, what, isn't this planet devine? That's what you say then! 
How much aliveness here is. Here. All around.
What kind of inmense beauty in nature.

Are we blind?
The gras is always greener on the otherside, right..?
What is planet earth?
I think we're gifted to walk around here! Eventhough it's such a mess.

Let's do something! Instead of murmling about other places, dimensions and aliens/ other intelligences and 'higher states'.
Let's do.
With what's in front of our nose.
Let's see our gift: being alive. Here. Now. With so much around. So much intelligence, beauty and magic (all life!) around us to which we can have access -if we want.
Yes, the option to another "far better", greener otherside is also there. But isn't that nothing more than an escape/ weak excuse? 
It's all here. 
Here! We're alive on a stunning, and absolute 'devine' planet in space. Alive
What are we doing with that? Imagining life on other planets, or what? Dreaming of something better? 
Let's see our own. And see ourselves. The magic (as life is) we are. 

What you need for that?
-not that I'm 'there'-
but defenitely no books, knowledge or steps 'how-to'.
Or particular trippy substances.
We do have everything! Look at our bodies. The magic of 'how it works'. Go deep, find out yourself, open up, with a clear as possible mind. 
Here! Or was your birth, that inmense spacetrip, not good enough? 

Every part of yourself is.
Where we surrounded with is. 
Relation is. 

January 27, 2016


I didn't had anything with the thing called 'excellence'.
The word was for me a synonyme for supercilious. 'Striving to be better than the rest', having more knowledge, being smarter, and so on. With 'standing above others'.

But some weeks ago something changed in me, thanks to Darin- see in the row with links (left side on this blog) the link 'organelle').

What if we excellerate in something totally different?
What if that becomes our goal, to excellerate in this real different field?
What if our striving, our goal (what's normally very self- centric and just based on our personal/ family situation, our own life) is really for the good-for-all?
Yes, it sounds cheesy. 
But let it sink in.
By this total different kind of striving we want and have to learn every moment. Otherwise no excellence.
We could never say 'been there, done that'. Never.

It's learning, learning and learning.
Striving for prodigy.
Not the wish to be enlightened, what in my eyes has a very selfish undertone.
But the wish to become more and more intelligent, so actions become better, much better. We have to do things different, right? And to be here, really be here. In the moment, on this planet.
Where else? Here, in front of our nose, is work to do. Don't we have to take it on us as clever as possible? 

More about this *total different thing* to excellerate in to come. 


It's all about doing.

Not talking.

But coming together.

Really coming together.
In that talking, speaking, language is not *the* thing.
Something else is. Subtle.
It's sharing. Eyecontact. Energy.
It's about energy, I think. And openess.
Radical openess.

How we become more and more open?By questioning. Ourselves. Our pain, our walls, our believes, our dogma's. By learning, moment by moment.

Then we can connect. And when we connect, we can do. 
What we can do? What's good. 
Good for ourself and our family? For our own agenda? Our personal wishes? 

What about good for the all of us?

Just a question. Also to myself.
'What does have priority? And why?' 
Our savings for later? Security for then?  Investments for our old day? Or.. the planet, our ecology, the children? Now?! 

January 26, 2016

Leadership qualities - Care

For some time I'm much around in.. how shall I call it? The world of 'social-entrepreneurship', 'personal-leadership', 'personal development', 'social change' and so on. I like it. Otherwise I wouldn't be there..
I think in the big line we miss something. I often feel something missing. 
So often it is very much about 'I'm great. Great? No, I'm everything, and will do everything to achieve my goal. My personal dream. Therefor I take the words of this succesguru for true, and will come there. No matter what.' 
Totally focussed on the own, personal thing. On (leadership)techniques and so on, and too little on... what's actually happening next door. 

Care. Something very, very normal. Not just for our family or our 'group', no. For all, no one and nothing exluded.

Not that I'm 'there', but .. as what I wrote, I see something missing..
What means: we can do better! 

January 24, 2016

Our work

There is such a huge difference in learning and schooling.

Same with medical threatment - healthcare, social work - real community building, and so on.
We can do so much better. Far more beautiful (so far we even can't imagine..)  and happily there are people who already work on the diseshtablishment of everything, doing things radically different.
It's our work!

January 22, 2016


We (almost) always have the freedom to rebel.
Systems are not only created by the people in power, we'all are part of it -for ages and ages in a very complex intertwined process- and we all have the choice (day by day) to rebel against what's not right in it, or opposite: to fit in. This sytem doesn't excist without us- we all are 'guilty' that it excist the way it is right now. We give specific people and groups power, and unfortunantely I cannot say that my hands are clean.. (but working on it)

Systems (and the esthablishment) only stay how they are if we follow rules, if we take hierarchy for granted (what our traditions teach us..)

Are we able to listen to our own body, our own feelings or just to what we're told? To what do we listen? Do we put our own assets for intelligence/ wisdom away?  Do we just follow our parents' and our traditional patterns?  Do we want to earn our money in a company what is totally top-down ruled? Are we want to be ruled at all? So, in society; just taking things how they are? To rebel can in many forms. Also very silently, and kind of peacefully. We don't need to be part of a specific group or organization. Or move deep into the woods or whatever.
It's I think about awareness: do we know what we're doing? What we're buying? Which people we are helping? And most important: are we true to ourselves?

It's on us to give specific people power. Or not. We do have that power in my eyes. 


There already is a revolution taking place what creates a new society.
By seeing the false and eradicating the false, there is transformation, there is revolution.

Colonialism anno now

We are so used to let things simply happen. To give our rights away in many ways.

But it's so great many people like Aral are working on better ways. Absolutely great. See video below.  And it is on the all of us (you, me) if all those alternatives will be in time or not. It depend on us.
Every day, every moment is so worthfull.
There is so incredible much to do!

Power to the People: Aral Balkan - Ethical design & Democracy from De Balie on Vimeo.

January 21, 2016

How (explained 'wow')

“They should smile.” — Evaluation / Overseer
“When one smiles truly, the other, in being thus touched, quite naturally smiles.” — How it actually works 

January 17, 2016


Connection seems to be the only solution, right?
No one aside.
Working together.
A same deep purpose. Saving the planet. Ecology. Our children's childrens' future.

What does connect us?

Not our differences. They are not true.

Our true roots. They are the connecting factor.
Where we come from.

It's deep.
The solution has to be 'deep'.
A serious level.

That's why all our talks, conversations and meetings should be meaningful.
Let us not be wasteful with time.

Let's work contextual. Only doing things that matter. Purpositive.

Sharing how bad things are doesn't help. At all.
Connecting does.
Being there for each other, and helping eachother up does.
Of course: learning does. Without new insights, without growing real intelligence our actions stay dumb.
And.. (co)creation does: the action from out all this!

January 16, 2016

Never clever

I wonder how we can say: 'It's them. They are the 'evil'-doers.'

Last days I read something beautiful. It's a great explaniation why we actually can't say this.
I'll share it with you.

Your hand.
Let's compare your hand (your whole hand, the palm and all the fingers) with: 'What is. The universe, the earth, ecology, society. Everything there was, everything there is. All.'
Have a look at your hand, patiently.
Now. Can we actually say: 'a finger is a finger?'
No. It's part of the hand.
We called it a finger. But...
Let it sink in.

The finger is part of the hand.

Now we compare our fingers with all different groups in the world.
The thumb the christians, the index finger the muslims, the middlefinger the jews, the ringfinger the bankers, the little finger let's say the rothshields. And all other groups of course.
And what do they do? They fight eachother.

So.. just to make it easy to understand:
let's imagine a hand where the fingers are getting smaller and smaller (they starve), because they fight eachother.

But the handpalm still exist. And will stay. It's truth. It's everything. Where the fingers existed from.
And together they were making the whole hand/ picture.

Can you see it?
Pointing at another group will never be a solution.

The palm is the solution.
The only solution is to share (with every group. Included groups which may seem very bad. Sharing with the all of us): "we are all the same hand. We're all from the same handpalm."

No one aside. Even when they should be aliens;)
Also aliens belong to the same palm.
Even it's the devil itself :)
The palm is all, all there is, remember? The Universe. The infinite. Truth.

Making destinctions is never clever.

Yes, it's a fact that there are all different kind of groups. Different fingers.
But to point at some, is....

The thing is we all have to see it, that we're from the same handpalm.
And that connection is the only solution.
Working together.

So. What we share can be like this: "look at the little finger! Look how totally bad they are! The devil themselves!"
Or: "Connect". To whomever you talk (whichever group): "Connect". "Look at your palm. Look at their palm."

I think the last one doesn't agitate.
The first one does.
I choose peace instead of agitation.
And you?

(thanks to Darin Stevenson. Again...!)

Serious business

Isn't it seriousness?

How you otherwise learn?
How do children learn?

A seriousness business.
Because we have to learn! (in case we want another outcome than the world as it is today)

Playing. As a kind of entertainment? For fun? For pleasure?
No, no, no! 

For change. When life is dear.
Playing in the sense of learning, by exploring, falling, getting up, interplay.. By connecting, stumbling, children play: Just being. Thankful. In the moment.

Power to the people #2

If we say: 'power to the people', we also should take our power.
Taking the streets? Just protesting?
No, taking ownership. Take a role in issues in the neighbourhood for example.
Alone? No..
What if there were little circels, working on this kind of things? Just people like me and you, working from the kitchen table.
Seriously taking care.
Working intelligent.
Connecting talents.
Guerilla learning.
'Hacking the hood', in a good way.
And then, all together connected.
Multiple circels, everywhere.

I think that's taking power! 


Why all this names, all those boxes?
HSP, Indigo-children, etc.
Or 'paranormal'.
'Hearing' flowers, for example. Getting information from nature. Feeling people, seeing people through, lessons learnd another way than via people. Why the heck should it be 'special'? It's what animals also have. It's being aware of our inconnectedness. With everything alive. Not more than normal (the other way around; the fact we forgot it, that's 'something'..Something what needs more attention..)

Labels for something what's just normal (like 'organic!'on an apple)
If it's something normal to be more sensitive than others, than why highlight it?
Why we try to make people with more sensitiveness 'other- than-other'?

Information (at such another 'level'), lessons in another way, let us just include them in our daily lives. Mix it, use them. It is normal. Don't think we're in a way more/ more special/ different than other people.
I got so irritated of those boxes!
Everyting should be defined. Getting a name.
And once you got a name (I'm happy the term 'indigochild wasn't that popular in my youth), a box, you know you're 'special'. Brrr...

I would say, just feel happy with your sensitiveness. It's great. Find your way, stay learning (by using this sensitiveness and let it grow) and be of help in whatever way you can. Don't misuse it, don't make it a business, but grow...and share...just have it mingled in your daily actions.

January 15, 2016

For life.

Insight is immediately. As a flash.
Change therefor is also immediately.

Action is intelligence. Intelligence is action.
Not sitting in your books/ on the top of the hill/ deep in the woods.

All action?
No, action an sich. 

How the action is all has to with your attention.
'Where you are'.
And with your source, your compass
(your whole (nervous) system; all your organs together are part* ), and your ability to use it.

To have an openess of mind. An openess of being. To want insights rather than dry knowledge. 
An urge for change, intelligent change, what you even feel in your bones..

I deeply wish it.
I wish it my children.
All the children.
And who - not.

That the planet becomes lively again.
That actions will be for life.


(* it's not just our heart what feels. Our gut, liver, milt, etc. all have there own sensitivity and special function. All are connected. For Life. For real intelligence...)


Everything I write here are just thoughts in the moment.
Feelings, tried to capture in words.
Never totally succeeded in this.
Because, first I'm -verbally- not so good. Second, I like to write but at the same hand I know I'm not a writer.
Third, and I think the most important: language is just a 'vehicle to express. Our trying. Made by us throughout ages. But a vehicle what actually cannot do it. I know it doesn't reach. At all.
So. This posts here are just some...what shall I say? Some bad tryings. 
Not really 'something'.
Eventough I like to do it.
Somehow it's learningful, as little practices.

Next to this know, after all I really don't know.
The universe is all and everything, I almost know nothing. Just rembering more and more of this source. But no, I can't say "I know".

My writing capabilities are almost zero. 
But anyway, thanks for reading me, who ever you may be;)  
I have something to say indeed. But, again, in my eyes it's just a tiny, tiny, oh so incredible tiny piece of what is possible!
But this makes me learn...

And yes, they're thoughts in the moment.
Please don't see anything I say here as concrete.
Thoughts come and go, and sometimes I capture them and write them down..

My life. I'm just playing. Like a child learns. In no ever thing I'll ever call me professional. Or expert.
No....  Playing, falling, learning, in an endless move, repetative. No end! 

Here on this blog  just some little excersises to express some.
(and never write things in the sense of 'this is truth', no it isn't static and I'm someone who see the danger of people who propagand their visions (and their experiences, their trips, their learnings) as 'truth'. 
In my eyes everything learnd should always be from two sides. Without self experimenting and without dialogue it's not about learning. 'Follow the leader' (or the 'teacher') doesn't work.
Never-ever. It should be mutual.

It's about intrensic change.
Profound change from within.

January 14, 2016


At this very moment, how many people are starving? Starving without any reason? How many people are sleeping in the streets tonight? How many people are lonely?
What about the animals, and our whole eco-system? 
How many animals are killed at this moment in our barbaric industry, and how many acres of nature are being destroyed -just this very moment when I type this?

And we?
Are we gonna change something in that?
If that is what we want -change all
misery- for what or who are we waiting?

What is it that we can do to such a huge system fault?

It starts with the thing 'I don't want this'. Deep inside.
Together with the insight that you are part of the trouble, your actions may become a changing factor. Part of the solution.
By bringing awareness.
By making healthier choices.
By learning. Out of the insight that you're part of the trouble you become part of the solution. If you want to learn.

How you learn?
By being open.
By raising your sensitiveness.
By your desire to become more intelligent (a totally different intelligence than we learn to become in schools), so your actions will be better - for the all of us and the planet.

It's your attitude. Are you okay with the world right now? You're okay with all misery? Or do you see all is on US? One by one? 
I think the more you don't want it anymore, and feel a burning responsibility to use your being and gifts for making change, the more you create your way with all possibilities to use this personal gifts.

It's where you'll give attention to. To safety, and being in the this-is-how-it-is modus, or.. your drive to learn and to change, being in the we-are-the-ones-we're-waiting-for modus.

Know it's far not just you.
I don't think we're in the minority anymore. 
And if so, than still we don't know our power.
I think it's possible, to turn with millions in a totally different direction.

Sleep well tonight. Without hunger.
Not being alone. In a warm bed.
But...know what's happening...and know we all have a role to change things for the better. 

Let us all connect, because I know, most of us DO care. Let's find better ways. Let's become less lethargic and jump into action! Learning, doing! Together!

..and what might be possible

Alan Rickman 

January 13, 2016

Latent talent

If we don't make ourselves small (in a way) and see: 'I have to become more intelligent, because I am (like all other human beings) part of the rape of ecology', then there  is something wrong, don't you think?
Or are you somebody who totally leave no footstep (and trash) behind?
Be honest; we'all do.

If we truly say: 'our world, our ecology matters', than it's a fact: we all have to learn.
But from who?

Consider the option to learn from yourself and the world around you.
Just from everything.
How? To open yourself again. Let feelings in. To do your own research, fundamented in your own senses. Not the words of somebody else. What if we would skip all words,  and start our own journey? Make and live by our personal lessons?
Because what did religion do? Are we living in a better way on the planet?
And what about 'new age', self-help techniques like nlp, or whatever?

Exactly. Nothing.
It's still a mess.
A big mess. Look around.
(not that I'm negative, no.., but let us at least admit that it is a mess, so we can change and do things more intelligent!)

What if we would start doing it radical different?

Learning to grow by ourselves, and sharing it with people around us- in the mean time working on real life problems? Solve things together in small circles, locally?

The root word for educate is educe, what means to bring out latent potential.
We really don't know (me included) how much potential is just sleeping within us. So incredible much of talent is latent.
What when we wake it up?
No books , no teacher, no course, no school, no seminar can wake it up.
But we can.
You. Me. And even more when we do it p2p, by sharing and being there for each other. Real community.


"The belief that others are conspiring behind my back to help me"
"The idea that the universe is a conspiracy on our behalf ".
"The universe being for me".
I know it, and need no psychiatrist to diagnose myself totally pronoia. At the highest degree- (or how they measure it?)
This is also the fact I cannot stand to listen to a lot of conspiracy theories. With the undertone of: 'aiai, hurry up, the aliens (or half-aliens/ reptilians / illuminati) are gonna get us! ". As if the Universe - and it's totally undefinable, untouchable, ungetable 'bigness' - is in one or another way 'smaller' than s o m e t h i n g.
"Wake up, wake up, sheeple?"
Pardon, who are you? Get real yourself, instead of blathering and pointing. Everything you spread without this undefinable greatness of the universe itself and the trust it  i s , is a lie.
E v e r y  single word. Because it isn't complete.
Sometimes I try to listen. But I don't come far. Not because it's too dark. Because it's far, far, far too incomplete and therefor trash. I don't feel 'life' in those theories. For me it's dead theory. False information ('cause it not even has 0,0000001% piece of a crumble of value of what's really truth, even they promote it often like 'The Truth')
I'm happy my system is reacting like this, so I don't waste time. Thanks to you, my strong chronical pronoia. I prefer to learn my things elsewhere and in a different way! I feel compassion though for the people who promote the dark prophecy/ propaganda.. I think they suffer chronical 'para' where I suffer chronical 'pro'... (and they might feel the same compassion for me:) Not sure though, as they see me as a little sheep)
Curious at what point we'll come together, because we're together in this world and have to solve things - every-one included. 

January 12, 2016


Something about relations. 

Trust is something you build together.
Don't you think? 
How? To speak openly. To share everything. To be trustworthy. 
It's relation. Deep relation.

It's easy to say 'trust me'.

It's easy to say: 'you don't trust me, so you don't love'.

How beautiful to have continual trust in someone. But me I think it's not realistic.  But how awesome to work on it if two of you really want. 
It all has to do with being continually in deep connection and feeling safe to share everything. 
Otherwise everything lead to nowhere in my eyes. And are you together for..what? 

Efficientness - Soul

When you work for an organization and do the things there are laying on your plate, things what have to be done, but it doesn't go that well, when it stucks in a way, I think you're not doing the right thing.
Than you don't do the things which connect with your real role.

You do, but it simply doesn't work.
Your collegas see no result and become frustrated. What makes it even more difficult.

A result of a lack of openess and communication. Everything has to be spoken, be clear.
If your real role isn't seen and aknowledged than there won't be flow and positive results. I'm speaking of people who see their life and work as one. For people who see work as a sidething this doesn't count: then it's just 'work like a machine and do your task what's given'.
Then the results may seem positive, but there won't be soul it..

So. Where is the organization about?
Foster more heart and soul in the world?
Or more efficientness; like machines are?

If the first: think about your communication and how highly important it is for people to do the right things for the organization. 
To let them be.
So they can give what they have to give.

January 11, 2016


So. What I'm really standing for? What's my life about? What's my direction?

Direction. That's it. 
That's what count, day by day.
Not so much arriving, gaining or getting result.

Sometimes I ask myself if it isn't unfair for  people around me that I don't strive for so much.
But I can't help that this is my deepest will and no other.
To go in the 'right' direction.
What's a feeling moment by moment.
The direction of truth.

Not the truth about...fill in...history or something. Or truth about something what happened somewhere somehow. 

No. Truth in another sense.
You can't speak about it.
Even if we talk about love we don't talk about the same.

It's hidden. Beneath all thing we, people, created in life.
In nature you can get a bit of a taste sometimes.. and sometimes you're happy to get a glimpse just suddenly.

I got so little.
But enough to make me alive.
Enough to make it the most important.
And not only for myself. No, that's not to live..

It's learning. In the moment.

Not worthfull,  people may think.
Sorry. But to live, to be, - and how to be- (sincere or not?) I find highly more important than getting result in any thing.


We, as mankind throughout the ages, did it this well: that we're now close by a total catastrophe.
No, I'm not pessimistic.
But when you look around it's not that flourishing, right?
What we can make up is that our behaviour is dumber than dumb.
It's like we are all half blind and live almost automaticly, like machines.

What to do about dumbness?
One thing: to educate.

That's why it's my #1 work to do day by day. I feel responsible, and I'm not living that much better than the most of us. To change this I have to educate myself.
There is a lot to do..

Should there be another goal than to change this dumbness into intelligence, for the all of us and for the planet?
In my eyes there isn't something what needs more attention.

Where and how to learn it that't the question.
I like to write here more about.
For sure this lessons we can't find in books, in religions, in theories, in sects/from guru's, at university's, from history.
But, yay, there is another way. 

More to come.

January 10, 2016

Tralala. Just. Love.

Sorry. I'm a bit frustrated.

But just love all eachother, okay?
Just love.
Forget your mind and it's function.
Just love.
Go to some festivals now and then, be high (be it on natural or chemical lovely heavenly substances) and have all kind of fantastic trips, and love each other, love ach other and love each other.
Love eachother, tralala. Not forget to hug some trees.
And love them.
Love all and everything.

Just love.

Back home, let's go on dance, do yoga and do some work (after work let's do some yoga again and safe some money for the coming tralala ('spiritual') festivals together with your beautiful Rainbow Friends).
Don't forget to meditate and buy some good self help books now and then. And follow some classes so you might earn some money with it too (how cool to call yourself a certificated coach, right!!)
Take everything from courses, books and so called succesfull spiritual people.
Call yourself a warrior of light.
You are.

Go on! 
Forget your self.

And your own abbilities to learn from yourself, by yourself and to stand really independently.
Go on and follow.
Go on and spend money.
Go on and spend time.
Be part of this tralala tribe, have your heads in the sand all together while you dance around the trees, singing 'We are one!' 'Love and hapiness!', and in the meantime of course totally forget why you have a mind.....

Just love. And share love. Don't forget to spread some Osho quotes on facebook now and then. Osho! Such a wonderful example, this guru... (kuch)

And our whole ecology?
People go on and destroy -laughing behind your back-  while you dance and build your tralala eco-village, sit on your yoga mat and study in your self-help books.
While dancing in the woods, hugging trees, hundred thousands acres of trees on the same moment are wiped away. 
And the poor? 
Forget about them. Meditate for world peace. 
Love, hug, dance and space-travel. Peace and hapiness!! -we're One! 

Love eachother, continual flirt with eachother (it gives a great feeling and that is what the meaning of Life is -to feel good, to let love flow. To love and be loved to the max. Let us love as many people as possible -the more the merrier- and show our feelings. Our meaning of existence.)
And of course let's co-create a fantasic Utopia in the sun with the Love-tribe. Where it's all about... Love. What else?
Love! Enjoy!
-and don't mind the rest.'s life!)
Love. The one & only Solution. Spread it! Go on! Say all beautiful beings around you how beautiful they are and invite them in the magical Tribe. Where we all have the same intention: to spread Love & Light and to support eachother to build another world/ utopia. Where every lovely soul is welcome.
- forget about the rest of the world, just let us be in our own magical cult. 
Babylon System will fall down while we dance and make love. One love. One love. 

Sorry. Frustrated, as I said.

Namasté _/\_ ❤️ {{{Love and Light}}}❤️  

Sorry, again.
More than a bit frustrated.
Too share a bit here helps...


What the Bleep ??!

January 8, 2016


More and more I get tired of facebook and other social media.
Because after all it's about real connection.
I guess I will come back in a while because it also has it's positive sides and we can make use of it for the good.
But for the moment I'm tired. Need some more time 'off'. Maybe I've had a bit of an overdosis of - even so much was really worthful- all the information.

Still enjoying a kind of winter sleep...
When back, back with energy. 

Fire. Care. Needed

There is so much going on in the world to become crazy.
To become freaking worried.
To become angry.
To become terrible sad and depressive.

To share all this information -what's going wrong- is needed.
We'all have to see the awful mistakes. The rotteness. The fact we're on the wrong way as mankind.

But if there is no soft and beautiful undertone of love and possibilities it's worthless.
Than it's creating fear and hate.
What's exactly the same energy you demonstrate against.
This undertone should be the reason to share, and the thing to really focus on. Not just sharing all the shit in the world,pointing and shouting 'we want change' an 'they are the fault'. But also saying: 'in this way we can do it better'.
Compare it with parentship.
Where it's all about showing where it's all about.
Not being afraid, angry or doomed. But happy about all the possibilities we have, and all the treasures we keep inside. There is so much negativeness, but the positiveness is even bigger. 
If this doesn't shine through everything, and when you don't show a living example (even very, very small-scale) of how to work on change yourself, it all is worthless.

Are we able to make change?
Yes. We are.
Why we are?
Because we can become more intelligent (if we want).
Because we can make use of more assets than we think we have right now.
Just laying in us. Sleeping.
There is such an enormuous storage of unused assets in the all of us which we haven't put in action right now.

In you. In me. In everyone. The key to real awe.

We "just" have to put on our fires,to relate deeply and share.
Share how absolutely great life is. Even we just starting to explore and just have a small glimpse.
Be there for eachother, so we're able to  bring out the best of ourselves.

It's possible! It is!
And...what do you think? Shouldn't we? To try it, isn't it the least we should do?

Business, entrepreneurship & succes

My thoughts about business, entrepreurship and success..


I just listened to something. It was a new perspective and felt right for me. I really learned something. Thanks, Darin Stevenson.

Is it a seperate thing?
Do we all have a soul?
Are we our soul?
Great questions to dive into!

Let's do that.
You have your soul, I have mine.
What if you see it like this:  that 'your' soul is been built from things you've put soul in to
So that 'your soul' is a constellation. Of many, many things which you have been put your true being into.
People you're most heartfelt with, animals around you, your close surrounding and so on (and if you think reincarnation could be real, than you can say 'a constellation of ages and ages')
It makes sense, doesn't it?

Why it makes so much sense for me? For me it goes back to our origin.
And that we're all  t h a t.

Soul as a state of being. Your true roots.
And in that (our roots) we're all the same. No doubt.
So no-one is a 'better' soul, more unique or more special. 
We're the same. Identities are in a way false.
Why you choose to share your life with someone? What makes some one special? What has it to do with souls?
I think it has to do with common history, something you both share in your constellations, and the feeling you can learn and grow so much from and with the other. Together. Both. There is love, much love. What brings you to soul.
You put (together) soul in (your) life. And thus the world! 

So, instead of the view of being a separate soul (with a desire to cling with another separate soul), the view of being the same soul, and (just you or together) bringing soul into your world.

Soul seen as 'the real thing'.
What we all are! 

How much

How much more to learn..
To become really intelligent.
You. Me.
We're never there.

An intelligence no book can learn us.
A sensitivy so much more intensive than we know it excists.

An intelligence what doesn't destroy life in any way.
Totally uncomparable with the thing we call 'being intelligent' right now.
How many of us, people on the planet, live and work for life?
And all of us together, entangled, how much do we destroy?
To be able to really give. Not leaving footsteps/ trash behind.

That is education.
And we have to do it ourselves
One by one, without schools, without teachers.
Teaching eachother in being truly, deeply related.
Not by being just a mirror for each other. But to be there for each other.

Being there.
Not that easy as it seems.
Care. Real care.
What a different thing than the wish to be 'enlightened', what is the complete opposite: selfishness.
The wish to really be there, and contribute.

Why? Because our dumbness detroys the planet.
What else there is to do than trying to become real intelligent?
What means: learning, learning and learning.
Relating, learning and sharing. Small ripples!

December 31, 2015


There are thousands of conspiracy- theories.
Some real, some totally hilarious and untruth.

But conspiracies do simply excist.
Since ages and ages.

And you see them everywhere. It's seemly something very human..

But let's not forget: there is one big conspiracy you and me are both part of (with uncountable other people and living beings/ elements)
It's the BIGGEST CONSPIRACY  e v e r.
Life. Every living cell in a body, or in an animal or plant, has one and the same goal. Closely working together. For Life. Excisting through relation. Together. One union.

Can you imagine..? E v e r y.  Cell. In this world. Has one and the same origin and thing to do.

To 'work' for Life. Conspiring to let emerge..

Sickness (in people and society): when we oppose this great conspiracy. 


Listening to and following authority is in all ways stupid.
Any authority.

This means: copy/paste.
What we're learning in schools.
Chewing somebody elses chewinggum (knowledge).
Instead of accompagnied/ facilitated discovering.
Discovering. Seeing something yourself. Only that is learning.

In schools we only train the left hemisphere.
The right is been put aside.

While in the right side true intelligence is laying, what we need to rebuild things.
The power of connection.
Of purpose.
Of depth. Feelings.
All thrown away as non- worthful.
No, the hard skills are what count.
The whole (educational) system is build on it:
on facts, arguments, models, numbers and 'listen to me, this is how it is' (a system an sich is also typically 'left')

I heard pre-school is starting even on a younger age. 
Testing children when they're only two years old..

That's what I mean: the whole school system is build on what's measurable.
It's a trap, because the world needs connection. Care. Being there for each other. The right hemisphere. Soft skills. 

Where do children have those examples? Where do they learn to deepen those skills?
Where in a world where parents and other people around them used to live in so many traps?

December 29, 2015


Do you think climat change should get all our attention and be the highest bulletpoint on the agenda?
Not that I think it shouldn't get attention and shouldn't be on there.
In my eyes it is a result. A symptom.
Or like I beautifully read some days ago: it's like one of the bubbles in a pot with boiling water.
To see as: we are totally focussing on one of the bubbles not seeing the whole picture. Blind.
Or: we and our attention on the climate change is a bubble. Just one of the many.
While our whole (self-)destruction of the planet is the whole pan with all water.

I think most of all we should work on the root.
This we can also give attention.
Like we do with climat change.

And what is the root?

In my eyes our seperateness.
With nature* and with our nature (our true being - wich we only can rediscover ourselves- , instead of how we suppose to be and function in this society).
Our un-connectedness with eachother.
Have a look at how shallow our relations often are. Next to our close family and friends how are the other ones? How do we relate?
All the barriers we have. All the boxes.

To see we're all one, and act like that.

Our seperateness really as the root of everything?
Yes. I think so.
Our seperateness with (our) nature makes us dumb.
While our real intelligence is hidden on the surface...
Our seperateness with each other makes us weak.
Us being seperated and devided makes it easier for authorities.

What if we all together saw that religions and authorities didn't brought us far, and what if we'd put this energy instead in restoring the planet? Not waiting for somebody, but start being there for eachother and the planet? With all we have inside?

I know it already happens..  but let it grow, let it grow..  Lemlem!

* with working on our connectedness with nature I mean so much more than 'just being good for our environment' or so. I like to share more in another post what I mean with it. It goes hand in hand with the connectness with ourselves.

'Big' versus 'small'

As we know some big corporations rule our planet.
A hand full of people own so much, and decide so much we cannot imagine.

I think that's the thing why we keep it happen.
We simply cannot believe what's happening.
Made dull, also.

Slowly we're beginning to see.
See what the generation before us built and what they/ we let happen.
But still.
It is such a cesspit.
To dirty and dark to believe in a way.

How it's possible we don't jump out of our beds every day?
Doing everything what is possible to change what can be changed?

Facebook activism doesn't help nor do petitions and demonstrations.
Maybe a bit, but far not enough.
Shouting what's going wrong and who is wrong either.

Seeing our force, there is where it starts with.
Seeing your own purpose, your own power. The potential (so big, not to put in words) you're born with.
And from out that working together. Collectively.
Working on things which really matter and what changes. Nearby. Local.
And collectively, connected while living everywhere around the world it will also change on global scale.

The power in hands of the few big?
Do we keep on letting it happen?
I think we could do so much more.
When we really want (and jump out of our beds) and when we really connect.
When we really see how much potential we have. 
Let's empower eachother and find eachother. And... do more.. 
'Big' things, small scale. 

I think -also saying it to myself- we should give everything. Together.  


When my first little daughter was born I didn't see her as a little baby. As small.
She was so incredible 'big' for me!
I saw and felt everything in her. The whole universe.
She was more than beautiful. No words do excist for that.

What a gift to be her mother. To be with her all day. Twentyfour- seven.

Till a day what's etched in my mind (and heart).
I had to give her (that's how it really felt) to the schoolsystem.
Now they were the lucky ones to be with her eight hours a day.
Aw. How painfull.
I always wanted to share with her what was for me the most important  to share. But what was what her teachers wanted to share with her? Where did their attention lay? And did they see her after all? For sure a tiny, tiny friction of what I saw and felt..
I literally gave her away and it made me sad.

Now I see clearly that society forces us to do so much more things. Things being seen as the norm and made difficult to do it other way.
For example: when you don't work than you're forced to get any job. No matter it suits you or not. 
I see we have a lot of work to do all together. A HUGE amount of work.
But: the good things. The important things. The things which are really needed. Not helping the big corporates up. Not licking their feet, letting them grow, and feeling 'grateful' getting a salary what keeps you alive. No.
To create a whole other society. That's what has to be done!

We have birthrights.
The same how I saw my daughter from the moment she was born we should see ourselves. To-tal-ly full of potential. We are potential. We are everything.
But the roles are been turned.
We are made small... and have to 'earn' it. Giving ourselves away. Giving up our true selves, our true capital: our talents and gifts. Our being. The 'thing' so incredible large, what I saw in the little baby-eyes (and already felt before she was born).
We sell ourselves (to make others rich and rape the planet- yes, you & me...) and loose our gift (which the world need).

Our natural intelligence we're born with (all of us! everyone with his/her totally unique own! ) is so suppressed.
This hurts me so much..!
Since a very young age we are forced to fit into models. Aargh...If not at home than in schools.
Actually where not?

And our potential?
It's often untouched.
HOW SAD. Unbelievable sad.

This potential. I think when we're gonna work with this, connected with eachother, than we can change the direction. Upwards instead of downwards.

Our potential.
I don't see the answer by the 'succesguru's' and such to get it back.
No. I see it different. But that in another post.
-so,.. to be continued:)

December 27, 2015


What is intelligence?
Is it measurable?
Or has it everything to do with living beings, relationships, purpose, awareness, meaning and context? Using those to create revolutionary benefits, sustainable and for the all of us?

In my eyes it hasn't anything to do with things we can measure.
What makes I see the whole education system built on a complete false idea . How painfull.

December 25, 2015

Mindblowing mind-power

Last days I've read a lot about our human brain.
The mind. Often seen -also by myself- as something 'less'. Something less beneficial than the power of the heart. Something disturbing.
Not worth very much.
But I changed my mind:)
Even more, my mind was blown away by some pieces I read. I literally learned a bit too much in too short time and have to recover! But...sharing here might help hopefully.
Our brain has a left and a right hemisphere.
So, if we say 'mind' we have to be aware that it is not only one thing. 
The left side is connected with the right side of our body and vice versa.
The left side you can connect with f.e. the following things: numbers, models, concepts, agendas, goals, language, action, reaction, result, argument. Fast.
The right side with f.e.: feeling, silence, trust, connection, communion, 'flow', listening, feeling of oneness, intuition, compassion, empathy, being, inter-being (being one with the other), emerging. Slow.
The right hemisphere is much, much older. This is also the side baby's and children use. But our society tries to break it as we grow older. What gives a lot of sickness.
Like totally sick society itself is, because the left side totally rules.
All the wars, the pollutions, the hunger,.. all worldproblems go back to the same root: the loss of connection with the right hemisphere. 

I will share a lot more about this enormous gift we carry inside. So it's not only our heart what's so worthful. 
Our bodies contain so many types of intelligence!
Also our brain. And I think it's really needed to use all assets we have.
To discover. And rebuild.

Using it and not throw it a way by saying: 'only our heart is what count'.
To become intelligence as we never were before. Changing the fact we are the most stupid species on earth.

The thing is: all what's build on left hemisphere- ideas and concepts is totally destructive, and goes with an enormous speed. All what comes out of the right side is slow, relaxed, the all-is-good- modus. Blind action versus intentionally and trustfully -connected with 'the field' (also very natural) - letting things emerge.
So. A big, very BIG issue to solve.
How to change the direction?
How to stop the destruction?
How to deal with the time issue?

Those days I read -and was as I said blown away- about a way to work on this. A way what breaths so much hope, and what is so 'kick-ass'.
It's so much more than mediation.
So much more than demonstration.
So much more than working in new ways... actually, more than what I ever heard or read so far on the topic 'change'.
For me it gave me so much strength. 'We CAN'. We often hear it. But in my eyes it was never explained well somehow to me. Not complete enough. Not deep enough. Now it did, and I was so happy to hear. No. More than happy. But overwhelmed also.

This blog I started a few years ago with this feeling: 'we can change'. But I got more depth throughout the years. Especially those last days.  
As if the ground got great fertilizer and a very, very nice summer-sun.
It came in. Deeply. And as I said, I have to recover somehow. Like it was too much (too much fertilizer and too strong -but heavenly- sunshine at once) 
As I said: in a short time I 'gained' so much. What means much more to share here!
Interested in 'positive change'?
You can read a totally different view here coming days.
Will share it in smaller pieces than I took in for the sake of your health.
No overdosis for you:)
- hope you'll enjoy it like me! 

December 22, 2015


I know.
There are tons and tons of things to show how stupid we're living on this planet.
But on this blog I merely like to write about how we could do things different. Better.

Cannot withold to write down some little things now and then which shows our stupidness though.
To find here..

December 21, 2015

Have the guts!

People who know me a bit or read now and then something here do probably know I am strongly allergic for something.
What is: the fact some people charge a lot of money for... something what's just normal.
In stead of more and more people get in touch with this themselves again, some people use others and make them kind of dependent. Thereby making themselves important. Brrr...
Let me explain what I mean.

Our guts. A very special part of our body.
Very well developed over billions of years in history (brain developing is from the last thousends of years).
Infants do still use this part. Like animals around us.
For example they can sense someone is coming. Probably you kow what I mean and also now and then experience serendipity, clair-voyance or something similar (what's actually just normal. Like organic food has gotten after millions of years the label 'organic').
We see it in nature everywhere around.
Only we -human- forgot along the way.
But we all have it in us. Sleeping. Ordinary senses. And we can wake it up and use it again. It's one of our natural intelligences.
Just silented. But on the surface.

We want a better world? Than we should find back our own infinite potentials. Our natural intelligences.
Rediscover our birthrights. 
And explore it with other people, share it, so we could become human again..
By sharing, things grow! 
And those things are so needed!

That is what I mean.
It's a natural thing.
Behaviour what shows you're very special to have a specific sensibility and make it a profitable business is the opposite of learning and sharing together. Learning and sharing makes the world far more beautiful. In the first case you keep the profit for yourself and in the latter you help make it more and more mainstream - so our collective intelligence can grow. 'Swarmwise'. You give naturally, and your profit will be much bigger; a changing world. Because more and more people will flock and learn to remember and use their own forgotten intelligences: a positive spiral.

Talkin' about a 'sharing economy'? Let's not forget this kind of sharing! 

December 20, 2015

Do we?

Do we care?

One single person is so much more worthy than all machines all together.

All the problems, the worldproblems and all the tiny day to day problems have one and the same root.
We all got insane because we lost our relation with our real nature. Our origin.
Yes, the all of us.

We all -as mankind- are the disease.
But we also carry the solution.

If we really care we should educate ourselves again about our relation with ecology.
And that's not just something.
It's such a big journey.

It's an inner work we all are capable of. Without guru, without any kind of drugs or anything. Here. Now.
What's a  matter of care. For yourself, your family, all people around you, and the world.
Diving deep, constantly. A personal learning-journey.
How great we should share and learn together. 

December 19, 2015

Real education

What we want to educate and why?

In my eyes..

The world is a mess.
And we almost let it collapse.
We see a culture all around what's a big catastrofe (and most of us let it happen day by day, lethargic as we are).

If we want change, our children should become 'changemakers'. We don't want them to be on the same destructive path, right?
If we really want change we have to work on things which regenerate. We. And also our children.

That means:
we should have the abbility to show them the right context. That, in my eyes,  is right education. A context that brings us into communion and right action together.
Do we have them to learn them to get jobs and work in a destructive system?
Or learn them to get in the right action to solve things that really, really matter and are more needed than ever?
Right education should give a context which gives one at once the awareness of the false 'super-culture' what rapes ecologies and destroys humanity. And what on the same hand give opportunities to change this culture.
Facilitation for deep, profound change.

Parents and 'educators' (people who want to give young people something very worthful and who are deeply dedicated to do so) and actually everyone else who care for the world, do here have the same responsibility: to be a living example, and teach it by doing.

Real work

A post in dutch

December 17, 2015

No one

No one should know *it* better than you.

Because it's all about 'the connection'. Something so subtle and not-to-put-in-words. No language reaches.

Everyone who thinks to be 'above' you in whatever-way is simply ugly.

Whole Life is about something so great and subtle, nothing else.
Not about something mr. of mrs. X "knows".

It's 'not- knowable'.  

Mr. or Mr. X can make you help remember it (so it'll come back in a flash) but it doesn't say he/she knows things better. If he/she thinks/ pretends (s)he does, (s)he doesn't know anything at all. Than it's kind of intellectual theft. Like a parasit. 'Cause it's all in you. They let you play small and independent.
Mr. or mrs. won't make a real connection either -and exactly there you can see if it's real what he/she has to say.
Arrogance will stand in the way so there can't exist true communication.
Without connection there isn't anything to learn and do at all. And if mr. or mrs. X would be real intelligent it would be - in all cases- about connection.
That's life about. To restore connection. No one aside.

'No one than you'. It looks very arrogant too. But.. to remember who you are, a deep dive and hard work, isn't actually arrogant. It is doing the work yourself. Standing alone, innerly. 


There are thousands of people who want to sell you their wisdom. Their way 'creatively' put in concepts, in courses, in retraits, etc.
So you can pay for what is..yours already. What was always yours.
How intelligent is it to do that..?
Not at all. Exactly :)

On the other hand, sometimes you meet someone 'random', or read someone quite unknown on a good day who brings you completely to yourself.

Back to the point: you.
Not anything else than you.
To the point you recognise yourself again :you are made of everything. You are space itself.

And you don't need anything for that.
No drugs.
No money.
No special knowledge.
No spiritual bullshit (excuse me).
Not someone 'above' you, who 'knows'.
No course in what-ever (is the magnifance, the 'sacredness' of Life itself to be put in a model? In a course? In a theory? In a philosophy?)

What you need: openess. And the knowing that Life itself is intelligence. That your lessons are found there.
On the streets, so to say.
Around you.

Not in that telecourse, in that popular book, not from that highly recommend spiritual teacher. Not in that super-special 'sacred sacremony'.

Just there. In and around you.
You & Life.
The connection where it's all about. 

December 16, 2015

Psy drugs, the key?

The very best thing I ever heard about psy drugs.

They can be beneficial.
Some times.
But to place them there- HIGH above your own capabilities and true power, your very OWN BEING- is crazy.

"There is a simple reason why I oppose the argument(s) that psychedelic drugs:
a: Are good.
b: Educate you
c: Make you more creative
d: Enlighten you
e: Connect you to nonhuman intelligence
f: Are the actual sources of language
g: Are the real source of religion(s)
h: Are ‘a shaman’s power medicine’

The reason is that these are lies.

In human minds and experiences, associations are absolutely crucial to understanding and awareness. The association of intoxication with ‘matters of spirituality’ is a catastrophic one, and leads to a nightmarish plethora of deadly, and often stupidfying suppositions, theories, assumptions... and associations.
Perhaps more urgently, however, the deep experience of waking-world, active spirituality — the experiences from which this term originates... exceed the entire available range of drug experiences so explosively, that associating the two is like pretending that moldy wrapping paper... is divine food. Anyone who has had direct experience of ‘ordinary spirituality’ would scoff at the idea that drugs are even interesting, let alone ‘useful’ or ‘good’.

Lacking this direct experience of our nature and of the nature of our origins, drug experiences set up dangerously self-falsifying precedents and examples, and these are, in general, the results of alienation and absence, not presence and enaction in true relation, which is the root and fountain of all we too easily tar with the modern epithet ‘spiritual’.
a: Sudden metabolic or cognitive shock is only rarely reasonably understood as ‘good’, and can have catastrophic effects on the developmental future of the person in question. While there may exist some limited situations in which these drugs can be used efficaciously for a positive purpose, the common idea that they are ‘just good’ or ‘something you should do to expand your mind’ is, in my opinion, both wrong and dangerous... because the idea that one should consume a drug in order to have experiences that can (must) be exceeded by ordinary (nonordinary) experiences is a dangerous ‘replacement’ con. The goal is to replace something we already posses, with something more compelling but far less vital and useful. In other words, to dehumanize us through prosthetic ‘extension’.
b: Well, anything qualifies here.
c: Nearly as above. Mental illness can make you more creative. Cancer. More creative doesn’t necessarily equate with a desirable state. And, again, a pill or similar prosthesis (i.e. herb, etc.) is both unnecessary and sets a dangerous precedent (i.e: things go better with drugs).
d: No. These drugs ordinarily deliver projections from the psyche that encounters them. This is not only not enlightening, but these masquerade as enlightenments. The whole idea of drugs lead to enlightenment is toxic and confused. T. McKenna was catastrophically stupid in advising whole generations to go looking for new frontiers in hallucinogen-land. What you want is what you are carrying, and this is not delivered via intoxication. It is obscured and mimicked by it. Wrong road.
e: As b. But there is a difference between that which masquerades as nonhuman intelligence, delivering little or nothing of actually nonhuman character, and that which is and demonstrates such intelligence. Having heard endless claims of this and seen not even a single convincing demonstration, whilst having seen endless such demonstrations by those unintoxicated, I am inclined to doubt the common efficacy of hallucinogens for this purpose.

f: Language’s origins are still available within ourselves, and we ourselves acquired language in childhood. Neither of these indicate the intervention of psy drugs. What is involved is a series of events and relationships too astonishing for us to admit, but it is not ‘we ate some mushroom, saw gods, and began to babble’. We saw gods all the time. No mushroom required. We still do, given the proper contexts.

g: As above. And language and religion are essentially a single topic, since they emerged together in our cognitive evolution...

h: This one makes me the most upset. I want to clearly state that no drugs are required for anything the Shaman does. The fact that certain shamans employ some plants (occasionally) as an expedient... is so vastly misunderstood that millions equate psy drugs with a sacrament. This is absolutely wrong, and horribly dangerous. YOU are the sacrament. The drug is a -dangerous- expedient. And, to any experienced shaman, an UNNECESSARY expedient.

In every case, what you brought with you, uninhibited and unoccluded, to your human birth, was everything you needed. No secret or power is hidden in a drug that is even interesting compared to you. The idea that a drug gives you powers or abilities you do not have -more than- is a dangerous idea that inhibits our natural relational and intellectual development... and creates false projections of enlightenment and reality which enthrall and delude countless millions of people... and destroy both lives and minds.

In appropriate contexts, and with the clear understanding that we are carrying more than such drugs can invoke or deliver and that we must awaken these capacities ourselves, psy drugs can provide powerful and useful experiences. But they also set dangerous precedents, and this is too often ignored by those who sing their praises as a universal panacea of wisdom, enlightenment, and learning.

They are not now and have never been this. If they were, the evidence would be staggering. They would, indeed, have saved us and our minds a long time ago. They didn’t. They won’t. They can’t. They are simply not endowed with the aura of divinity we too easily associate with them.
We, however, are. " 

December 12, 2015

For what is true and alive

“What interests me greatly is not what you passively oppose, but rather, what you actively pursue. It is in what we are for that our finest powers are invoked, and it is too often by what we oppose that these are bound, inhibited, counterfeited, or simply extinguished. Be then for what is true and alive, and by so doing strive to insure that the capacities that too often become objection become, instead, invention.”

(Thank you Darin Stevenson, again. I'm glad you're using facebook.)

December 6, 2015

Complexity - Simplicity

The world is complex.
Truth (freedom, love) at the other hand isn't complex.

We humans made this world, our society, complex.
Because we're used to act mostly fromout our minds. And that's in a way untruth.
It makes our complex reality.

But reality is not the same as truth!
Truth implies all what is real good.

I think it's a good thing to always recognise the difference. Moment by moment. Truth and reality.
The complexity of the world and the simplicity of truth.


* mind:
When we act just from out 'mind'?
When we're afraid.
Mind (our thoughts) is history. It's reaction. It's 'old'. 

When we don't act from out 'mind'? When we see what 'mind' is. Functional but narrow. When we have the self knowledge we're so much more than our mind. That we found our home (see two blogposts before) and found depth, in our selves. This leads. To truth. And you can choose it every second - and prioritise it above thoughts.
I think mind has a function, is helpful, but isn't 'the leader' so to say.
It seems last centuries we built on it. But we built something not-so-beautiful what didn't last. Let's rebuilt now..with far more self-knowledge! 

Home & Needs

Something in dutch. Thanks Darin Stevenson for something you so beautifully described and what was so good for me to start this quite sunday morning with! 

December 5, 2015

November 30, 2015

Climate change. The insider. The most powerful whistleblower.

Need to share again some beautiful words I read today.

--"I was offered an invitation to the ongoing Paris-based COP21 talks on climate change while sitting at lunch in Berlin. I politely turned down the invitation; I had missed seeing Alethea, and was exhausted with my incessant travels. Today, I tuned in as the televised images of Presidents Hollande and Obama cut very austere shapes into the fabric of what many insist is the most important summit of our times. 

I listened with excitement as Hollande noted that we can no longer treat nature as fodder for our ambitions, and as Obama literally took responsibility - on behalf of the American state - for contributing the second largest carbon emissions in the world. For the next two weeks, technocrats will try to weave a multi-international agreement that regulates and caps global emissions, while enforcing adequately punitive measures on violating member states. Bill Gates, responding to questions in an interview about public-private partnerships, championed cost-effective clean energy innovations that make it not only attractive but profitable to move away from a fossil-fuel based economy - thus sidestepping the imperatives of central regulation of emissions. 

And yet, the very nature of the COP21 talks is the site for the reproduction of the normative values, anthropocentric assumptions and political hegemonies/masculinities that have contributed to the loss of ecological immediacy, and necessitated climate action in the first place. 

Climate change is not simply a politico-meteorological issue - something that can be resolved in the sparkling glare of cameras and behind the forced smiles of world leaders. It is an existential crisis; a spiritual crisis. An epistemological crisis. And to meet it, we must come face to face with the noxious heap of ideologies we have swept under the carpet of orthodoxy. We must confront what it means to be human, the ironies of growth for growth's sake, the impasses of human agency, the linearity and limitations of capitalist teleology. Our climate crisis is not an alien invading our shores from the great beyond; it is our most powerful whistleblower. The insider. The substructures of our experience as a species in these moments of charged transitions need to be upturned. 

Even if the highest ambitions of the talks are achieved, and vanguard nations (the largest carbon emitters like the US and China) strike an unprecedented deal to drastically reduce carbon emissions (while providing funding for 'emerging nations' like India - anxious to exert their will in the global arena of economic mattering - to continue along the path of 'emergence'), it most likely wouldn't acknowledge the inappropriated/excluded, and would reinforce the dominance of one way of knowing - leaving a capitalist teleology intact. The materiality of the talks contain an inner momentum towards replication, not radical difference. I can't help but feel that something else 'wants' to happen - something that cannot be easily anticipated. Something entirely surprising and blissfully emergent."--

Great words again by Bayo Akomolafe.