August 16, 2015

Bleeding. Fertile.

Ai-ai, beautiful words of Adebayo Akomolafe again:

"Underneath today’s blackened skies, we are bleeding, but this bleeding isn’t the kind of wound that desires to be cured, bandaged or sanitized away into oblivion. This bleeding is a sign of gushing fertility. It is a ‘menstrual wound’ – without a ‘solution’; and it is a message to slow down, to enter into the dreamy, quiet, slow, orgasmic, ecstatic and visionary embrace of different ways of knowing and seeing. Continuing with the old assumptions about the absoluteness of human agency and the deadness of the world, or the simple Newtonian linearity between ‘cause’ and ‘effect’, or the immediacy of rationality might prove counterproductive to our attempts to address our deepest crises. That’s why perhaps today’s most profound question is ‘how do we find each other?’ How do we reclaim our alliances with the unthinkable and the unsayable? What lies ‘outside’ this pale fragment of modern existence? How do we re-entangle ourselves with the sacredness of life? And there is no final answer to that or fixed resolution. All we have is a working out of ‘the’ question, a realization that entire universes are born in the momentariness of an embrace. Maybe that’s enough. The ‘gift’ we seek isn’t some abstraction floating in a vacuum, awaiting the right expertise. We are the gift – us, in all our mattering, in grief, in joy, in confusion, in awe. Nothing could be more revolutionary, more fertile, than finding the expansiveness that is us, and holding each other in wordless rituals and spontaneous hugs of rapid joy. It may not look like much, but it’s how cosmoses are born. I celebrate your horniness."
Bayo Akomolafe

August 11, 2015

So large

"But everything that may someday be possible for many people, the solitary man can now, already, prepare and build with his own hands, which make fewer mistakes. Love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you. For those who are near you are far away, you write, and this shows that the space around you is beginning to grow vast. And if what is near you is far away, then your vastness is already among the stars and is very great; be happy about your growth, in which of course you can't take anyone with you, and be gentle with those who stay behind; be confident and calm in front of them and don't torment them with your doubts and don't frighten them with your faith or joy, which they wouldn't be able to comprehend. Seek out some simple and true feeling of what you have in common with them, which doesn't necessarily have to alter when you yourself change again and again; when you see them, love life in a form that is not your own and be indulgent toward those who are growing old, who are afraid of the aloneness that you trust.
Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

August 10, 2015

Being in tune

Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. When these creations are out of tune with Source, they often manifest in the disharmony known as disease. This can occur not only in individuals but in entire civilizations. In both cases, disease, which is typically considered a crisis, simultaneously serves as a powerful stimulus for transformation and transcendence.
Sol Luckman

August 8, 2015

To children

What do we tell our children now the climate change is so obvious?
That it't them who fool us?
That it's us - fools?
Or the immense greatness of the Universe; that we're really a part of all this immense beauty and that we always have the chance to do it different - person by person?
Because, in the ground, the Universe is a good Universe?

So in short: the chocking facts together with a negative underline, or the chocking facts with a neutral underline?

"The way it will work out will be the best anyway (= how Life 'works').
You can try your best to change the current situation in a good way. By living the real you.
The change lays inside you. The outer (actions) mirror the inner. 
Your actions come from out that
The heart.
Where it starts, where it ends."

Climate change and the whole situation in the world. An over, over, overwhelming story.
And probably we're gonna see more and more dead...

But I think in the same time we also come closer to Life.
And that is the story I'll always wanna tell the children: the story of Life.
I don't know the whole story (fortunately, because it is my Life and I may read more moment by moment) but got some glimpses.

That is what I feel I want to share and what my story is.
To them. 
And to myself.
And hidden in everything I do I think...

August 5, 2015


"Must" read:

And hear:)

Why I personally like it so much: for me it is so clear that pump in money in something doesn't work. How sweet it looks like.
Its about working together, building together. Independent from a group of 'noble' people, often seen as heroes.

August 4, 2015

Drive (to thrive)

"Whether we are talking of slavery in its past or present incarnation, robbery and rape in their various forms, spousal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, men abuse, women abuse, employee or employer abuse or any other form of violence, it takes a profound sense of powerlessness to force anyone to do anything." Said a Cleaner.
What has cleaning got to do with it? Quite a lot. Cleaning is removing dirt and revealing truth, not just of matter but also of the matter, any matter.

I really like the work of Zenith Cleaners in Canada.
For me they come so the core.
One, they try to change the way we look to cleaning. And cleaners. It is such important work!
Two, they show us how important cleaning is in our 'inner life'.
It brings me to the fact: we are the ones who have really to do this ourselves.
No teacher, guru, coach, no any ritual, no self-help book, no course, no method, no tradition, nor any healer or who ever can do it for us. 
And they even can't guide us there.
Your own drive to reveal truth.  Your own drive to become clean. Your own drive to become clear. 
That's everything.
You & you alone.

July 28, 2015


If you're interested in change and society read this little piece on Medium.
"Thoughts on an incoherent society by a quantum physicist"
Me, it made me shout inside: 'oh, YES!!'
The small article made me kind of 'full' and happy. That I have often have with a great found. Now there is a need to write more about this.
To mingle it with things I see around.
But..that another time.

July 25, 2015

Care #4

It can be used for great things also.
I just saw this beautiful update:

How DEEP it resonates and gets in. Wow.

The last four words. For me highly important.
How difficult. We humans we'all think we know it better; but those thoughts did arise from a fear there isn't any care at all.

I think the words are really capturing my personal religion. The greatness of (the flow of) Life.

July 24, 2015


Together we are even billionaires or trillionaires.
What if we'all gave a little energy and money (just a very, very little) to a simular  project? 
I'm so sure we could do so much!


'Be true to you' doesn't mean stick with your ideas, your conclusions, your statements, etc.
That all is fixed. 
How beautiful they may seem, they are like a wall.
The word your in 'your ideas, your conclusions, etc.' already shows that it's narrow.
The real you doesn't speak about 'my'.
The real you sees 'us'.

'Be true to you' means stay with your core. What is your heart, what is space and freedom- what is a synonyme for truth.

July 23, 2015

A choice.

We hear a lot of sounds that a part of  mankind want to manipulate us.
We can simply see it, the facts are there (have a look in a mainstream shopping street)
Mainstream media is in hands of 5% of all media-companies..
We are fooled by the pharmacy mafia.
And so on.
And so on...
I totally agree: some people want more and more money (=power).

We can be angry and upset.
And stay angry and upset.
Or we can give it a place.
Otherwise we fall in a trap.

And if we fall in that trap we are not happy anymore.
We'll see a dark cloud over everything.
We feel (half-)doomed.
We feel sad about all victims, and angry at the suppressors.
Constantly feeling sad and angry as an underlying thing. In all we do.
Constantly feeling: 'it is not just'.

Being angry, upset and hurt is normal.
And we should.
But when we stay in this feeling, how can we than make healthy change?

Good change happen from out a place of abundance.
From out peace.
Peace = Freedom, and it's our core.
What can change/ break our core? Nothing. In fact we (also the victims) are unbreakable/ infinite.
By staying angry, unhappy and ungrateful we are in the fall of the suppressors, in the same 'field'/ 'state'.

We can see the un-justness.
We should.
But we shouldn't make it the truth (the truth is we'all are infinite).

There are huge 'mistakes' made in our history.
Huge 'mistakes' are made by us now.
That's why the world is as it is.
When in history we truly lived out of trust, truth and abundance?
In all decades we served the king, the priest, the pharaoh, etc.
We gave our power away, what felt safe.
We played small.
And no, I don't see this as manipulating, but as a choice*.
Than it is so natural and clear we don't have the power now.

Time to reclaim it.
To live from your own peace and freedom.
Your own core.

Your heart.

A choice.
A huge choice.
The biggest choice possible.
Claiming the real power (truth). Inside you.
By this healthier ways to live (for the all of us) will be a natural result.

*a choice everyone is born with. You always have the choice 'go with the mainstream' or go for what is right/ truth. Everywhere. In every situation. But yes.. sometimes its hard as hell and does it mean: dead...


To do good, isn't actually that good.

Doing good is just normal.
If you (really) love your child, you immediately love all children.
If you (really) love someone (or yourself) and want the best for him/her, you immediately want to do it for the rest of mankind (/all life)

To love means wanting the best for all.

And as love is our -true- being (as I think), how can 'doing good' be so special?

So, a good deed. What does it say?
That you don't live your true self.
Otherwise it would be in everything, continually.

It's time to just do.
Not time for 'good deeds'.
To do. Our best.
And not divide life in 'work' vs. 'good deeds'.
Or 'daily life' vs. 'good deeds'.
To do good is Living.
I think we should do our best in Living.
Truly living. Learning. Open.
Listen to ourselves. Being quit inside.

True (the only thing 'good' in my eyes) to ourselves.


What a gift!
Each morning when we wake up we have somebody - Yourbody- to be true to.
body what knows more than we think.
A body with a treasure inside which shows us the biggest lessons.

Your heart.
It wants to speak so let us listen and be true!

Being truthful.
A 'just' world starts close.
With a 'just' you. Moment by moment..

That's Life!
What a gift! 

July 21, 2015

July 15, 2015


Human centered business.
Business should be more like that.
Having eye for the whole.
In every detail.
Because it is natural.
Thus the way to sustain.

An organism is a collaboration with all cells involved, strongly working together.
Every cell has it's identity, but on the other hand together they are one.

By what do they 'act' as one?
What makes them be one?
What makes a body want to be alive?

It is gifted.
With Life (something unexplainable and most incredible wonderful).
The body wants to sustain this, and it knows it's correct way to do so.
Every cell is deeply related and interconnected. They work together in the closest way on the deepest level.

A healthy business/ organization should have this as a living example.
Relate, interact on a deep level.
And the gift in the organization?
That should be the vision.
The point of conception of the organization.
The starting (and end-) point.
The core.
This is what I see as the Life- blood of an organization/ business.

How do we connect with our team members?
What is the ground?
Do we actually really connect?
How deep?
Is the blood running or is it stucked somewhere?
Huge questions in my eyes.
And really something to 'work' on; connection, bounding, trust..


Professional. What does it say?
Often it means: 'efficient'.
But efficience is something mechanic. It's 'smart', it's 'head'.
A lot of attention goes to professionalism.
That's where all business schools stand for.
I'm wondering.
Is that what the world needs?
Aren't we in need of 'humanity' in the first place?
That means 'being human'.
You can never say that you're an expert in being human. Professional Human.
Because it's something to work on moment by moment and you're never done.
So the question is: do we need more traditional business schools and focus on professionalism (what is always partial) or schools focussed on being human; schools where you can learn to have eye for the whole in every little detail.

Me I defenitely would say the latter..

July 14, 2015

Coach versus Friend

A coach nowadays:
I offer my professional help and guidance.
You pay.

Don't we trap in something by doing this? Just questioning..

Since when we have to pay for help?
Where oh where it went wrong?
Is this natural?

Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm crazy. 
(What I think I am, by the way. As we all are)

Clearness #3

In stead of healers and coaches we should call ourselves cleaners.
Cleaning our own dirt, moment by moment, instead of having this subtle arrogance of 'know that, been 'there' '.
No one of us 'is always there'.
Work on the ground.
See everyone as equal, and don't see yourself more as whomever.
You have to clean as anyone else has.

Clearness #2

A little more about 'cleaning yourself'.
Is it a method?
Something special you can learn in a workshop or training? Something to do after you're finished from work?
Is it a ritual? 
Something very unique?

No. In my eyes it's basic.
It is seeying your place in the universe.
It has to do with respect.
For Life. For The Other.
No more, no less.

And something to do every single moment.


They can be 'dirty'.
When we don't hear what the other has to say. When we focus on what we have to say (loudly). When there is no space.
In this way relations (whatever kind of relation) don't grow als they could grow.
It's so important to 'clean' yourself from 'dirt'. Dust of the past. Dust of feeling-yourself-more-important. Heavy dirt of having the idea 'I am more than you' (for example more well- spoken, more educated or..whatever what doesn't say one *%^ thing about your real core).
Something to do the whole day through.

Guru speaking.

July 9, 2015



Question everything. Always..
Skepticism isn't bad. But question that:)

"Skepticism is not cynicism or denial; it is the state of mind that does not agree quickly, that does not accept or take things for granted. A mind that accepts is seeking not enlightenment or wisdom, but refuge." - J. Krishnamurti

July 4, 2015

Wherever you work...


Some people speak out there intention an wishes easily.
They speak out their heart.
For example: I'll do this ...(fill in everything).

But imagine. Someone spoke up, but in the time you wished it would happen it didn't happen though.

Than I can still see the very good thing in speaking out the vision of how someone wanted to see it.
That it didn't happen in the time you or others wanted to see it has to do with many things.
Nothing is a straight line, isn't it?
Do you have to shut your mouth and have to know everything exactly, before you can make your actions toward your vision?

I have big respect for people who speak out their wishes, and do.
We cannot foresight things neither control the time.

When it isn't visible the time we wish it to see happened, it doesn't say it won't happen.

It all has to do with love.
Is it said with love, is the intention real, from deep inside?
Than it doesn't deserve bad words.

But do you (speaking bad about this person) , than in my eyes it has to do with your own distrust in Life.


The beauty of so to live that you can give (truly of yourself)
Then there's something uplifting.

Yes, an artwork can do so too.

But also 'just' a smile from someone.
Or for example a warm welcoming feeling in a place you where you see people struggle but see that they know how to be there for each other.

Art, in my eyes, has everything to do with a relation the one has with Life.

Sparks of  'where it is about '.

Art as a kind of language of Life, the "Thing" so big we don't have word and explanations for it..

Life. True Liveliness.
What is Art. For me.

Priceless Art.

June 27, 2015


Always new

What was truth yesterday
is not truth today.

What is truth today,
is not truth tomorrow:

Truth has no continuity.

It is the mind which wants to make the experience
which it calls truth
and such a mind shall not know truth.

Truth is always new.

It is to see the same smile
and see that smile newly.
To see the same person
and see that person anew,
to see the waving palms anew,

to meet Life anew.


June 20, 2015


Is there a goal?
There is only the path of becoming ever wiser, even more loving, and ever richer in our capacities to partner and commune with Life.

~Roy Reynolds

June 14, 2015

Creative givers

From the website Attainable Utopias. 

The entrepreneur

takes from between.
That is what the word entrepreneur literally meant. It has therefor become associated with a rather forceful, or even predatory idea of business acumen. Arguably, it was inspired by interpretations of Adam Smith and Charles Darwin.  


The entredonneur

is a 'creative giver'.

My term 'entredonneur' (Wood, 1990) was not intended as a direct criticism of 'enterprise' itself. Nevertheless, offers an invaluable practical counterpoint to it.The most extreme idea of 'taking' is as unlikely as an extreme idea of pure 'giving'. However, by placing the two at opposite ends of a continuum we are better able to map the transition from one to the other. It may help us to identify how business, and other modes of enterprise, might be re-envisioned. It implies a less wasteful mode of living within an (inevitable) solar economy. In theory, at the macro level, tendencies to 'pure greed' may balance the will to 'pure altruism'.


Live in your own little corner. Keep your knowledge for yourself. Keep your clients for yourself.


stop, and throw away that stupidity and start collaborating.

There is so much more than doing business 'the normal way' !

Be part of the change of our economic system!

June 7, 2015

Be there.

Let's compare a family-life with the way of living in the broadest sense.

When there is a little one you have to be there with all your love.
You yourself must take good care for yourself, to be in the best condition to care for this beautiful being.

This being came here for a reason.
It wants to live. And give. Contribute.
You yourself should be there. To facilitate and give space as much you can.
So this being can be it wants to be.

In a warm, safe surrounding together with freedom it will learn and grow the most.
You are the one to take care for this. To provide this as much you can.

Now compare this beautiful little one with all other living beings. Closeby, faraway. The all of us.
As we 'all have the same core.

Shouldn't we exactly have to do the same?

To be there, with all our love.
To take good care for ourselves so we can care for others.
To be there. 'Simply '(but not easy) to be there.
To facilitate and give space.
To create a warm and safe surrounding for others.
To give each other the freedom to 'fail', learn and grow.

We' all should be the ones to take care for this.
Actually we're all parents.
We should live to 'help' eachother grow. So we can contribute of ourselves as much we' all can.

June 6, 2015


Websites do have a typical vibe.
Like places have.

Imagine an online place.
A place for everyone to gather and where the vibe is like a great festival.
A place to meet people and where we know we'all have something in common, the same intention.

A place what breaths action.
Positive action.
A place where you'll get inspired.
Where you'll find much information on change in many fields.
Structured and easy to find.
Where you can get in contact with many people.
People from all corners of the world.
Where sharing is not seen as something special, something good.
But as something natural.
Where it's about co-creation.
Helping eachother grow.
What makes that a positive spiral will emerge.

A place where it's all about:  'What do I have to give to the world, what do I offer and what are my needs?'
'What could we do together?'
Instead of ' What's in it for me?'

A place for change.

Imagine.. a kind of online festival.
A great vibe.
Where it's about working together on a more beautiful world.
A place to be there for eachother.
Where it's about care for eachother.
And the world.

A dream?
No...! It's coming soon!

June 2, 2015


World issues.
Personal issues.

The world as our perfect mirror.

What do we see?
A mess created by greed.

Just change the symptoms?! Like cleaning the mirror? Innovating without radical change?

I would say: all people who see it's a greed-based society and thus do things differently, let's also organize different.
Not doing things on small islands, but come together.

In my eyes we need another place than facebook to share and come together.
More a place to act together. Not just to share information. But to do.
A place for rebuilding.

An online hub for positive action.
A place what breaths change and hope.
A place where we build, worldwide, on different structures.
Where not greed is the foundation, but abundance.
Where it's about giving, sharing and caring. Where it's about 'this is my gift' instead of 'what's in it for me?'
Where business is grounded in love and care for the world. Where the 'we' speaks louder than the 'me,me, me'

Such a place.
Not just a dream. A plan.
Not just a plan.
My road! 

May 30, 2015

Beyond Believe

"Wow, wow..this really resonate with me"
Often I get this kind of surprise by articles/blog posts of Dave Pollard.

I would like to write some more about this, and explain why I like it so much, but at this moment I have little time and will just share this article.
It's short, but with a big message.
Here it is. Maybe you'll enjoy it too!

May 26, 2015


I think we every day should feel like this:


May 24, 2015

An experiment

Another beautiful post in my facebook-timeline.
Thank you John Kellden.

John Kellden shared Yasuhiko Genku Kimura's post to the group: Conversation.
12 hrs ·
Read it slowly, a couple of times, let it sink in. Then listen to your own silent, witnessing voice within and the everpresent gentle sounds of nature around you at this very moment.

We are each an experiment, a novel experiment, in being human in this dramatic scenario universe.
Having lived my life as such an experiment, I have made countless errors and mistakes. Through those countless errors and mistakes, I have learned what I consider to be the primary lesson of life and existence.
That primary lesson is learning what it means to learn. When I ask myself what I have really gained from my life-long experiment, the answer is the increased and increasing ability to learn. And to me this ability is what wisdom is.
This wisdom consists primarily of a sense of wonderment and a force of quest. Insights and realizations that arise out of this quest and wonderment are ephemerally secondary to the living permanence of quest and wonderment.
Living your life as an experiment in quest and wonderment is tantamount to living your life authentically and thus being your self authentically because you as an experiment are novel and unique.
In the world of science, in the world of certainty, all experiments are required to be repeatable. Your life as a cosmically unique and novel experiment has unrepeatability as its essential characteristic. Truth is revealed in such unrepeatable moments of life as a novel experiment.

So many pieces of the puzzle!

Michel Bauwens at OuiShare Fest.

"A system based on co-creation, that's where I see it heading to."

May 23, 2015


What do you want as a parent* for children?
Isn't it that their being is seen as important?
That they can be fully theirselves?

That they can share the unique gifts they are?
Their being, what you saw already in the first hours they were alive?

To see them as a gift to the world, to make it more beautiful?

What's standing in the way to see them blossom? Don't we need to work on that?

To create different structures, with more freedom and to live our own life totally different, to show them it is possible?

Those new structures are needed everywhere, in every field in society.
Whatever we do, wherever we are, we can bring some good change.
Space. Freedom.

(*or of course as anybody who sees the unbelievable beauty of children/ human life)

May 19, 2015

Crisis. The Big Business.

'One of the least noticeable aspects of today's crises is how the very modern configuration we work hard to perpetuate deadens our ability to feel the urgency of those things we strive to correct. 
We have gotten used to speaking about climate crisis, about the 11th hour, and about impending doom if the tide does not turn.
Meanwhile we are constantly inundated with disaster movies for good measure - not to speak of the constantly scrambling pixels of news reporters speaking in their usual sing-song fashion about earthquakes in Nepal, about the horror of young lives lost in the Gaza strip, or about the spectacle of a million people marching for ecological justice. 
Still, it seems like we've lost our ability to panic - even though we constantly feed on it. We've lost the intensity and immediacy that comes with knowing the world in a particular way. It does feel to us like we could carry on with our lives in the ways we have - and it wouldn't really matter. 
Crisis is big business and busy-ness. 
Crisis is the new black. 
The very 'performance' and enactment of climate change is a creature of the modern apparatus that 'produces' the ideas that we, our bodies, how we navigate the materiality of the world, are somehow distant from the weird motions of nature. 
Little wonder each successive climate change summit produces legislative monoliths and pacts that become the reason for the next summit. 
Meanwhile, our walls continue to climb high; our tractors continue to dig into the earth to make way for giant real estate projects; and, benevolent organizations and NGOs - intent on saving our forests to reduce greenhouse gases - hire hippies to place economic value on trees, based on how much carbon they are able to absorb. 
Until we relinquish our syllables of distance, and learn to find each other, we will remain immured in attempts to fix that which does not want to be resolved. 
The rushing waters are more threatening to the casual bystander than it is to the man caught in its rage.'

Great words again from Adebayo Aklomafe.

May 9, 2015

The key of p2p

Michel Bauwens explains peer to peer human relationships.
"It's all about enabling and empowering human participation. That is the key.
What it actually does, in a pure way, it makes systems less efficient.
It's decentralization.
Ownership; where lays the power?
It's about being in charge of own productive resources."

May 2, 2015


Love of truth. Love of Life (< really worth reading!)
See how Jiddu Krishnamurti describes philosophy. Far more than interesting to me!

"The task of philosophy is to break the continuity of the conditioned consciousness. It is to end the psychological content of the human mind and regenerate it, like the phoenix. Regeneration is the understanding of the truth which is the emptiness of mind. Truth is the mind which does not contain a 'thing' put together by thought. It is freedom which is totally independent of thought. It is the mind which is devoid of the content of division, contradiction, conflict and so on. It is the mind which is whole and sane. Truth is 'nothing'. It is the mind which is no-thing or nothingness."

Not a mind without a thought (what is simply impossible, and what also it shouldn't be the reason or way to meditate), but a mind independent of thought.
A mind who really sees how the process of thinking works, and what it does. 

May 1, 2015

Very, very unimportant.

Knowmads Hanoi

So great to see Knowmads' vision about education expanding.
Here Knowmads Hanoi on the Vietnamese television.



What does the word actually mean?
That something can sustain.
Year after year after year..

For example, the sun sustains.
It's giving warmth year after year, infinite.

Are all our green brands really that sustain?
Do our man-made green products (less-bad indeed) really sustain?
Often those expensive brands have in my eyes so much 'ego'. "Look at me! How great I am!"

It goes so much deeper.
In my eyes it has a lot to do with the maker of the product (and other people involved in the creating process).
How is the relation of him/her and the world?
What he/ she really gives?
Is there enough freedom to do that? In the whole chain of the process of bringing it to the market?
How can people be themselves in the organization?

Freedom to be yourself*.
Working from out that.
For me the most important thing in the topic 'sustainability'.
Than there is really giving.
Like the sun. Something infinite.

*what means one with the *something-bigger* (call it the Universe), in flow.

April 28, 2015


There is power in the world.
Brute power (what is a synonym for power; brutality. Harshness).

But does this makes us victims?
Being suppressed, does it makes us unfree?
Not in our core.

It can make us stronger.
We're born free.
Life, love and freedom are synonyms too.

Let's be there for each other, really alive.
Making healthy choices. Rebuilding other ways.
Independently from the old structures (based on power).

By always acting from our core (freedom).
Listening to that.. 
What do you think if we'all would do that?

 'All' is too optimistic of course.
But what if we -and we're with many- just begin? Do, change, everywhere. In all fields in society.

We're doing it already. I know.
The world-situation is terrible.
But on the same moment: there is such a beautiful change going on.
By people who never can see themselves as victims.
Because they know what is the only real power:
Lifeforce, love, freedom. What's within.


April 25, 2015


If we go, all together, to our work because simply it's 'our job', to do it for the money..,than it's not a suprise the world is in the state it is.

It means we do things day by day, 'just' because we don't see another option to earn enough money.
It means we're victims.
In my eyes it is truly, truly sad.
Because is that why you are born? To go to school and than have your job? To listen to your manager, or be a manager and let others listen to you?
That you have to work right, how it ought to be? As efficient a possible?

Where is the place for yourself?
For that what makes you you?
For what you're born, for what you deeply feel you should do?
For what you have to give the world?

It's so sad.
SO much real talent is wasted.
SO much real value.

We throw it away! Like its not excisting. Not important.
And what is *it* what we throw away, all together?

Lifeliness. Love. Freedom. Sprankles.

Just to fit in.
Just for money.

And than it's strange the world suffers, is on fire?

Isn't it a perfect mirror?

It's a sad view.
But so logically.
'Cause where are WE?

April 11, 2015

Celebrating #2

Another post on 'celebrating'.
In dutch again! 

April 5, 2015


My kind of celebrating and view on Easter.
In dutch.

March 24, 2015

Philosophy versus self-help: Being versus becoming

'In philosophy you focus on, what cooperation and conversation require of you in order to that you at all can exist: that you speak true (don´t lie), that you are prepared to reach mutual understanding and agreement (don´t manipulate), don´t make an exception of yourself (but treat others as equals). From this rises the eternal moral values (as for example that it is wrong to lie), and generally our ideas of right and justice: the so-called human rights, the idea about the individual person´s autonomy and dignity: you shall treat the other not as a mean, but  as a goal. 

Philosophy and spirituality are in opposition to all kinds of ideology. In philosophy of existence (and in true spirituality) the concept of being are covering the concepts of being yourself, of authenticity, autonomy, decisiveness and power of action. It is also covering the concept of happiness: the existential and life-philosophical concepts of reality, co-operation, movement, safety and meaning. Being yourself is therefore the same as being yourself present in the now, no matter what you are, no matter how much you are suffering, how poor you are, or how incompetent other people are conceiving you to be Being yourself present in the now (passive listening presence, silence, or meditation) will by itself awaken a spirit of greatness.

In the self-help industry all this is turned upside down because of the ideological aspects. The second aspect of the above-mentioned paradox is therefore, that instead of focusing on being (where the self-help industry has the word authenticity from), it presses people to focus on becoming. In philosophy of existence (and in true spirituality) the concept of becoming is covering the concepts of trying to become something else than what you are, where you imitate others, are a slave of others ideas and ideals, and where your actions are characterized by irresoluteness and doubt. In short: non-authenticity. It is also covering the concepts of suffering: the existential and life-philosophical concepts of unreality, division, stagnation, anxiety and meaninglessness.'

(An excerpt of a piece of Morten Tolboll, whose writings I just discovered. A lot of recognision!)

March 18, 2015

The power of neutrality (arrogance #3)

"Think positive, because your thoughts create the future..(we are what we think)" We hear it often.
Is it true?
I doubt. Deeply.
There is a huge missing part in it, in my eyes.
And for me it's another form of arrogance.
I don't go with all those succes-guru's (and their concepts and followers)
Positive thoughts should be a result, in my eyes. Not the other way round.

A post in dutch.

March 9, 2015

Arrogance #2

Someone who says (with or without words) 'I'm beautiful', looses for me the beauty.
Someone who says (with or without words) 'I know, and I'll teach/ show you', looses for me in wisdom.

Beauty. Hidden in actions and energy.
Wisdom. Hidden in actions and energy.

Subtle. Like the fragance of a flower.
How can a flower describe it!

March 8, 2015

Freedom, Change and 'Something- Bigger'

We are born free.
A lot of us have had some experiences that we completely felt one with every one and every thing.
That we felt: we are nature ourselves.

So. I think I can say, and a lot of us will see the same: we are freedom. We are the space, we are the world. You, me, the all of us, we do have everything, the whole of humanity in us.
No seperation. Between anything, or anyone.

But. Now.
The world is on fire.
Humanity is almost on it's end.

Humanity and ecology are almost dying (although the last for sure will remain) because of selfishness (greed).

I think an answer is the feeling we are more than 'just' human.
We have (everyone has) a choice to connect with 'something-bigger'.

Ths connection is very, very subtle and cannot be described.
It's fragile. And in the same time as strong as can be.

And in my eyes only this strength can make us overcome everything.

It's so fragile, as a fresh green leaf in spring, and it is in every connection.
That's why every relation (from the dentist to your lover) is highly important.
That's why I see 'the answer' on very small scale.

At home. In your street. In the neighbourhood.
Just everywhere.

'The answer' isn't loud in my eyes.
It is beautiful. It's lovely. Pure.
It is talking fromout a trust in 'something-bigger'.
That 'something-bigger' what you hear when you're silent.
When you see the brain makes the structure (society) we live in, but that nature is as we are when we 'think with our heart'.

This 'something- bigger' has many names.
God. The Universe. Trust. Love. Freedom. Goodness.

To have the connection with this, to be in peace and flow, means going slow.
A slow-revolution.
This is a weird oppposition by the urge of change what is needed in the world.
But we see it also in nature: things evolve.
Rushing don't work.

A good thing: it's man to man. As personal as can be. Everyone is as much important in the process. No leaders.
A totally flat form of organizing. Swarm -organization.
From inside-out!

And yes. Change, action is needed.
But in a celebrating- form.
What looks selfish, but what is the opposite.
It's showing your love to the whole, and acting fromout that.
It's feeling 'full', so the opposite of greed.
Being thankful. What is a form of celebration.

No war-against.
Because you cannot fight against greed and dumbness.
We just have to strengthen eachother by giving freedom to live from inside-out.
Knowing that in our insides lives this 'something-bigger'. And this 'something-bigger' is infinite and cannot die in any way or form.
And is even more than anything visible.

Foster this in any field, in any place.
From homes to big institutions.
Change can happen everywhere, on the smallest scale!
By touching.
Almost invisible.

Here a talk by Ivo Degn, who finished Knowmads last year.
About places of hope.

I think we indeed need many, many of this places.
And we can create them everywhere.
Even in small circles. Places to show our trust. In Life. In ourselves. In the other.

Women Day

A little piece on the 'International Women Day'. In Dutch.

February 16, 2015


Sitting in the metro back home I realized something what made my eyes wet.
It was just small notice..
I realized: as a mother I'm always in a state of love. Or at least: a lot!
Thinking on the first moment I became a changed.
From that moment of all days were filled with love.
Continue.. No breaks. Ungoing. Day after day, Year after year.
So healthy..

Rich me...

But feeling this rich and knowing not everyone feels the same is hard..
What if your days are not filled with this? Not having this kind of continuty? 
I try to imagine...
My life would be so much harder..

February 5, 2015

Take your time

Wasting Time?
I’d like to comment on one of the responses to my piece about the breakdown followed by the powerful emergence at the retreat in Bali. The commenter said:
"I haven't read the full story but my thought is this. Why are they wasting time moaning about the cutting down of the forests, and use that 4 days reflective time to stop it fucking happening? And use the money that they have spent getting there to buy some of it?"
I quote this, because it is a question I ask myself every time I lead a retreat, or even speak at a two-hour evening event. It is also a question many of the participants are wrestling with. They are not, by and large, New Age spirituality addicts seeking an easy escape from engaging with the problems of the world. Quite the contrary: many of them are seasoned activists in environmental and social justice issues, sometimes (like the rainforest ecologist) with decades of experience. They come to this inquiry for much the same reason I do: dissatisfied with the methods and the failures of their movement, they sense a far greater potency is possible.
With few exceptions, anyone who has grown up in the dominant civilization is deeply programmed with the same story of self, theory of change, and habits of perception that are also responsible for ecocide and social injustice. That is why simply trying harder, putting more effort into doing what we have been doing, is unlikely to produce different results. After doing that for a while, we burn out. That is when the deeper inquiry begins; that is when invisible programming comes visible and is available to be changed.
At risk of being presumptuous, I hazard to guess that the comment above comes from a place of frustration and helplessness with which I am much familiar. We want to do something about the unfolding horror, but what? The jaded activist has an easy rebuttal to any suggested course of action.
Sign a petition? A submissive act that reinforces and validates existing power relationships; a useless exercise in self-righteousness that picks a single fashionable issue from among a million, which, even when the petition succeeds, leaves the system unchanged while lulling us into thinking we’re actually “doing” something.
Donate to an NGO? What, and contribute to the infamous NGO-industrial complex that depends for its very survival on the continuation of the problems it supposedly seeks to solve? And which has grown too cozy with its ostensible opponents in the corporate and political sector?
Join a protest march? Do you mean the permitted kind, which feeds the mainstream media discourse about how wonderful our society is for allowing free speech? Or the spontaneous kind, which is usually crushed before it even begins?
Engage in direct action and civil disobedience? Sure, now you’re going to feed the narrative of a few disgruntled extremists – then go to jail and congratulate yourself on being a martyr for the cause (if only anyone were paying attention.)
Start an organization? Yet another one, you mean, competing for funding, members, and mailing lists with a hundred thousand other organizations?
Buy up threatened rainforests? If only it would be more than a drop in the bucket. If only the government there would allow foreigners to own land. If only illegal loggers cared who owns it. If only something as flimsy as property rights couldn’t be swept away by eminent domain should the government, at the behest of “investors,” decide to develop its “natural resources.”
OK, enough of that. My point in quoting the jaded, burnt-out activist is not to disparage any of the above tactics, all of which, I believe, have their utility. My point is that there are usually no easy answers. Accordingly, it is hard to know whether “doing something about it” is actually doing something about it, or if it merely satisfies an emotional need to believe that one is doing something about it.
Sometimes, whether in our personal lives or in our work as change agents, we come to a point of “I don’t know what to do.” At such a time, to continue going through the motions of previous doing is usually counterproductive. Why? Because the “I don’t know” comes from a realization that whatever I’ve been doing isn’t working, or isn’t working well enough. That is the moment to sit back and ask why.
Part of the process of uncovering why is a phase of hopelessness and despair. It seems that the world will never change, that the powers-that-be are just too powerful, that our efforts will never be enough. After all, look how hard we tried. We gave everything, and still it wasn’t enough. So we fall into helplessness, victimhood, and blame. Maybe it is those other people, those myopic self-interested greedy idiots who just don’t care.
But then, the conscientious person begins to wonder, Is my blame and victim story obscuring something in myself I have been unwilling to see? How have I been sabotaging and limiting myself? What beliefs about change are a product of my indoctrination in this culture and not the truth? How have I been perpetrating by my actions the same things I seek to overthrow? Why is my organization a microcosm of the same dysfunctional system that rules the planet? How is the world mirroring back at me my own inner ecocide and inner oppression? What can change in me, that would allow me to be as effective as those inspiring individuals I so admire?
It is questions like these that launch people on a journey of inner and interpersonal development. (They are not abandoning the cause or indulging in New Age narcissism.) That journey can be scary, for most of us harbor an inner cynic who, echoing the words of my commenter, demand that we do something about it – now! Don’t waste time in moaning or self-reflection. There is no time to waste! Do you know how many trees were cut down while you were reading this essay? Perhaps you recognize that inner monologue, as well as the hortative tactics it mirrors, as an example of a failed approach to change-making, as a subtle echo of the domineering relationship to the Other that has brought society and the planet near to ruin.
I hope, my dear reader, that it is clear that I am not saying, “Don’t take action.” If I am saying anything beyond “I don’t know what to do,” it is to warn against reflexively acting from an urgent need to seem to be doing something. And also, to invite us all to trust the impulse to look inward, to do work on oneself, to accept that by healing the inner dimension of oppression and ecocide, we can become more effective at healing the outer as well. And perhaps sometimes, yes, to moan about the destruction, to let in the grief and the anguish, and especially to be witnessed in it in community.
All of this, surely, can proceed alongside continuing action, but often we require an empty space, a retreat, a time of non-doing in order to deprogram ourselves from old habits. We can trust ourselves to know when that moment has come in life, and also to know when that moment has ended, bringing a shift in perception, a new experience of self, and an expanded awareness of what is possible.

January 31, 2015

Closed doors?

Daily life. So much to learn!
As you can read in the last posts here, those days  I'm thinking a lot about (world)peace. And how to 'get there'.
How I overthink it on a larger scale I see it/ learn in my day to day life.
Working in an organization like Knowmads for example things like this come on our path:
what to do when we get an offer to do business with companies which are often seen as 'bad'?
Some say: 'defenitely a no. Closed doors.'
Others, including me, see it different.
We are all humans after all. Creating all together 'the system'. So. A yes: 'great challenge. Great chance to go into dialogue. Let's see if that is possible!' 
On bigger scale I'm thinking the same:
the government. All bad? 
Or would there be a way to listen to eachother, and..wo knows.. change something
Closed doors. I think it's never a right move. Because we're in this together, aren't we? 
The whole 100%.

January 30, 2015


We know the bankers go with our money and become the rich people on top.
Is it on them, or is it us, who fool us self.
Not a bit, but so incredible much!
Instead of just shouting and screaming 'it is them!' we'd better get up and start doing things radically different.
Or are we depended? 
If we are so, we should shut our mouth.
Or, is it just me who see a bit of hypocricy?

I see the hypocricy in myself.
There is so much to work on, before I can truly say: 'it's them!'
Because I have a choice.
And there are so much better things to choose and do.
How often I choose for not organic stuff because I'm lazy? And what about my bank? I not even dare here to say which one I still use (after many 'tomorrow I will switch to another!')
Shame on me. And not that little.

I see I am responsible and don't do as much I can. I am part of the sickness, the state the world is in..
Let me (and hopefully more and more   
others with me) get well soon.. At least much better..

It's us! 

January 24, 2015

Piece of peace

Years ago I was already chocked by words like this:
'The second world war? Titia, it wasn't that big. Not that many deads as they told you. The holocaust wasn't that terrible. Hitler was not that bad. The books and pictures don't tell you the truth.'

This is what a lot of children (in schools) are being told in arabic countries, and for example east- africa.
Another thing what really shocked me:
"Most important for me in life: on #1= "my country", on #2="my woman" (me) and on  #3= "my children"

Again I'm chocked by the same words when I read 'conspiracy theory' based articles.

Yes. Politics is a crazy game.
But then, again, saying the biggest wrong-doers are *they*?
The core is the money (what rules the world), what makes the main 'evils' (as always) Jews, and especially the zionists?
The holocaust a 'hoax'?

"The holocaust wasn't that bad. What about the wars right now, like for example Syria? You see, all the millions of deads? Where no one seems to care about..You know it's caused by them, like all wars are!'' 
All wars are terrible.
How to compare them.
There is violence.
Why learning children 'the wars VS starts, and they and Israel are 'the devil', are bad.
We may defend ourselves, and kill them'.
Why not 'war, violence in general is bad'?
Why we keep on talking about different countries? What differs us in the core?

I cannot get this.
How can you talk about (world)peace while having the most narrow, rasist views?
Not that I have any trust in politics. Not that I don't know nothing about the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the violence of zionism.
But in the core: violence starts already by having a piece of land, a nation or whatever (even it would be the world) on nr. one. It's hypocrite. We against the rest. We as a country, we as a religion, we as..
To stand for. To fight for.
Violence is something very subtle.
And its seen everywhere.
I cannot grab that it's just *them*. The one percent.

How can you talk about peace while pointing and blaming?

It's the same in daily life.
You cannot have a good time by doing so.
How to have peace then? If there is no peace in yourself, just tons of anger?

There is nothing to stand for than your own inner peace.
Is that too less to stand for?
That doesn't feed the hungry people, and doesn't stop poverty?
*It* (peace) contains all the good (freedom, love, etc.)

In the end it does. It is the factor what makes an end to for example poverty. Because your own peace means indepency what does you make more healthy choises and creating different ways. The point to move from to bring change, wherever.
But it takes the most.
It's the most difficult.
It's easier to stand for your conclusions of course. 'Against *them*'.
Being angry.
Of course we have to see facts.
But it's important to give them the right
 place, and answer them with something totally different. They are not solvable without a radical diffrent approax.
And what I read in so called conspiracy theories, the whole we versus them, it's full with anger and hate. Same 'level'. Same game.

Peace. Nobody can give it but yourself.
And if world is a reflection of ourselves, then how important is it?

I cannot see it intertwining. Anger and peace.
The anger has to do with identifying with victims in for example Palestinian and Syrian children what makes it seem very noble, but no.
It means you forget yourself (what is more easier, I know!)
Seeing your self as not that important.
But your self, in peace (in your core), is THE main piece of the worldpeace.
As important as every single piece!

Important and needed.
For everyone and all around you.
Small scale, big scale.
Now and every single moment.

What a work to do all together!
It's so easy to see the solution 'out there', right?
'It's not me, it's not me! It's them!' 
Or.. 'hey..if the world is us, what about violence in myself, let's work on that?'
And (automaticly) share this in everything you're doing? 

The world. Change.

More and more it's becoming clear for me that the world is us.
The reflection of our inner.
The state.

This in mind, how can we ever really change the world-situation by anything else than 'just' the main focus on our selves?
It isn't that egocentric.
The core is the inner. Not the outer.
All protests and reformations change nothing.
Yes. Things will change. The same will go on and then slighly different. A twist.
Thats not really change when it doesn't come from a change within.

So do we have to focus on all the governments? How terrible bad *they* do?
On all the bad things we see in the outer world and change that? Reform that, curve that?
Or do we all have an enormous 'job' to do: to bring change in ourselves, so a change from within can emerge (wherever we are; in whatever surrounding, workspace, etc.)

With the popular 'conspiracy-theory'-thinking, the 'we-against-them' in mind, does it make sense that we also here focus on the outer in society? On all what goes wrong? On all what those terrible bad guys are doing? All their lies?  How 'devil' (in parentheses!!) they are?
It's so easy.... (and seriously I have to think on nursery school behavior. 'Look, teacher, what they are doing!!')

The 'conspiracy-way- of- thinking' goes in the core about good & bad. The war between. A scene, a world game, between two powers.
This is in no way comparable with 'non-dualistic-way-of-thinking'.
Because what is bad? Does evil exist?
Look in yourself. Your 'bad' thoughts. Do you have to give them a stage and put them in the spotlights (inwardly), so they dissapear because you 'see' them as they are, or..just 'fight' them? 'Saying' they should not be there?
Me I think the first way works.
They'll shrive and go by your own inner light.
So we can see it also in the world.
Accepting (and doing things differently/ changing ourselves) instead of 'fighting' (and in my eyes this is what 'conspiracy theorists' are doing).
In the core for me it doesn't match with my worldview (and thus being). That's why I feel it in my toes and water (this is how we say in in dutch).

Far more difficult than to see the bad-doers is to see yourself. Day by day. Moment by moment. Herefor you don't need necessairily any coaches or self-help books. Even not necessairily yoga-maths.  'Just' your own intelligence (where we'all born with), your own 'power' (=integrity), intention, senses, and a dose of courage.

How things will change then? Not by shouting.
By doing fromout within..

And how you do that, the doing? There is no how. Who do you think can teach you that than yourself? It just goes naturally..