12 april 2014

Complexity, simplicity

Like in your own life: (hopefully) there will come a moment you'll find out that everyting (all answers) are laying in YOU, yourself.
Like that I hope we (humanity) find our OWN answer for the complex worldproblems.
Life (love) is in you and me (we are) and is the answer.
Life (love) is in 'the world' and is the answer.

I think, although the worldproblems are enormeous, the answer lays in coming to one owns centre and celebrating that, rather than in other solutions.

I think Love, and so community, is the answer.
Your precious life is,
mine is.

When we find ourselves,
we find a trust in Life like we never had.
What if.. as humanity we're finding this trust?
It's not a 'trust' (hope) in governments, religion, leaders or guru's. No hope outside.
No..a deep trust inside. In Life itself, in Love.
How it would look like? From following others (outside) to lead by our own light?
From hope to trust?
From fear (the world is collapsing) to love?
I think it would become a far more happier world. And in this state we could start working together in a different way.
What my meaning is of the word 'cocreation'.

Working together fromout 'within', bringing trust, bringing lightness and simplicity. Lifting up.
In whatever 'field' it may be.

Bringing change, by bringing things (in a simple way) to the core.
'Cause where it's all about?
Humanity...relations, community..:


The wonderful thing (for me), is that I see this already happening. 
Do you recognise it too?
There is change, although some people say 'things will never change'.
I think it's like spring, you can never hold it back. It comes anyway.
And as little springleaves it's fragile.
But how strong! 

26 maart 2014

..day by day choice of being YOU

Fertile Unknown

From Competition to Cocreation - and Back Sometimes

CocreationExpanding your playing field to be at choice

What is your resonant mode, how do you approach working with others?
Competition - "I win if you lose."

Cooperation - "I will agree to go along with you here, if you agree to go along with me here - which might involve some compromise on both our parts - a chipping-off sometimes."

Collaboration - "We work together in a way that includes what is important to both of us and our visions without having to compromise."

Cocreation - "We work together in a way that includes what is important to both of us without having to compromise AND what we emerge is new, unexpected and greater than the sum of our visions."
The boundaries between these modes, of course, are permeable with overlaps. The key is that co-creation can contain collaboration, cooperation, and even competition under its umbrella, but competition generally does not contain co-creation. By consciously choosing to expand to a co-creative framework, our playing field opens up and we are at choice when to compete, cooperate, collaborate, or co-create - instead of doing only one of the modes on autopilot.
Every time we expand our habitual paradigm or mental playing field, new choices, options and possibilities open up. New interpersonal dynamics are possible. We do not have to negate one way of being to embrace another. By, to use an improv term, "yes-anding" each mode, we have creative choice on how we want to work. We can move in and out of different modes fluidly in a way that serves the purpose we are working toward rather than be "boxed by habit" into only one or two approaches.
One of the things I value most about the principles of improvisation is they establish an environment for lively co-creation. Within that larger container, participants have choices which other modes to engage at any given time, based on relevance within purpose...setting a fertile ground from which creative ingenuity can thrive.

This is a text copied from a website called: The Fertile Unknown (http://creativeemergence.typepad.com/) and I was suprised by the common vision we have. It looks as my own vision of cocreation. It's all about fertileness and thrivability!
Thanks, Michelle James.

Welcome Home!

One of the funniest things I read in years (guess what, I read it on facebook; thanks Kyle) is the following.
It 's been already two or three years ago, so I won't repeat it correctly.
It's coming back in to my mind often.
Like today. While I was cooking it came up.
And inwardly I really had to laugh. 

'He came. He came very unexpected in to my house. 
You could hear my heartbeat.
How afraid I was..

He came closer and closer.
I was ready to hit him. Knock him down.
And then..

I looked him right in the eyes.
embraced him.
There he was, my own Fear..
And I loved him.'

Today I giggled again. 
I was thinking while having a not so nice feeling. I wished I could kick someone far to the moon. Even further. Into the black hole.
To be never and ever been seen again..

Why did I feel this? I had to ban this feeling, right?
What if I would watch her, my uninvited guest called Jealousy, straight in the eyes?
What instead of feeling ashamed she came ('one of those ugly 'Ego-issues' and totally not done spirituality wise'-->something for sure I should let go of immediately) I would give her the warmest hug possible?
What if?

To love your feelings, or at least accept they are there for a reason I think it's healthy.To have a great relationship with them, open and honestly.
Transparant. Straight. To resaerch them with love.
That's what I like!
I'm ready to embrace. Who ever will come silently slipping into my house.

'Welcome Home!' 

I'm there for you. 
With dozens of hugs.

23 maart 2014

Doing business differently

I'm so glad I spend my days those days working at an international business school called Knowmads.
A business school where it's all about 'doing business diffently'.
Differently? How? 
Aligning heart, head and hands.

Business with a heart.
That really makes sense to me.

Business, entrepreneurship is for me nothing more than 'right action'.
Putting your own things in action. Something what 'lives in you'. What needs to go out in the world.
Doing what you really want.
Action fromout the heart, fromout love.

You can't do the things you really want without (finding) yourself. 
What's for me the heart.

And how can you act with head and hands aside?

A business school where it's about integrating. Time and focus on becoming and acting fromout your true self.
Knowmads. Changing the face of education, and changing the face of business.
Business fromout your core.
What means: you care.


28 februari 2014

Can't wait

What if...
...all those people, those people who think on their own, and do what they feel they have to do, who play a different game than we are 'supposed' to play, can find eachother somewhere?
Connecting and sharing with eachother far more easily?
Imagine a farmer in Kenya could very easily connect and grow together with a farmer in Iceland. Sharing knowledge, cocreate. Staying in close contact, even when it would be mostly online.
Or that that small business owners, like organic tea farmers in India, could easily find small homebased retailers in every country worldwide.
We do amazing things already.
I see the peer to peer market growing.
Grassroots movements let us see the power of self-organistion.
And I really think (and kind of 'believe') we can do more, far more!
I think all changemakers (who change the game, and choose for a healthier world) could unite much more and more.
What if..? What if we don't need this old economy anymore? But are strong and self-sustainable enough to share all good between the new players? Strong enough to play with our own rules? 
Am I dreaming, or is it 'real'?
I think the latter.
We know we can do. We are finding our power, and we know we can create. We know our intentions matter, and with simple things we choose we influence the way things are going.
So, what if...we all choose to connect? And really strengthen eachother?

Time for another kind of  facebook! With depth, vision. With facilitation that's needed.

I can't wait! 

Play on

Many people know a more beautiful world is possible.
A lot of them are giving all to change something in society.
Often the governments are holding back, don't make it esier at all.
It's not sure we can safe the world. Or better said: ourselves (the earth will safe herself I'm sure. We mankind aren't stronger than lifeforce itself) But let's try it at least. To live with more love, with more respect, and more intelligence. To show our children we don't choose to be selfish destroyers. That we care.
Often I think, the destructive people with power, they'll remain.
Like when you compare it with a childhood game. There was always an irritant, jealous disturber around who liked to destroy the happiness he saw. What we had to do? It seemed we couldn't change him. The best thing, I remember, was ignoring him. Simply not seeing him and go on playing. Maybe with a little twist in the game. So I see it also at a worldscale. The disturbing boy is (a) terrible power. But, going on; being who you are, happy, and play on (work on/ build on) shouldn't that the best (and only) thing to do?

22 februari 2014


Show me something what isn't holy.
Why all those rituals?
Does 'it', whatever 'it' is, need something?
All  'ordinary-ness'..

Wondering #2

I like to share something what really 'keeps me busy'.
Often people around me talking about, writing about or showing their great experiences.
Awesome 'space-travelings', kudalini-experiences, clair-voyance, great theory's etc.

A big 'but' keeps me busy.

I also see those people still do hurt.
By their opinions.
And.. in my eyes, when people hurt.. still hurt in very subtle ways than I feel it's not 'it'.
No truth for me.
Saying 'I want worldpeace', and not living it.. I don't understand that part. Difficulties in showing respect for others (next to close friends), for people who don't think the way they do.
'You are too good for this world', is what you then get. 'Don't be so soft and quit.'
How often I heard it in my life?

'You can explore as much you can, but if you don't give it a place in your daily life, in every moment, what worth does it have then?', I wonder.

Traveling the whole universe, all places of own minds (lots of psychical experiences) having the most awesome, average energetic explorations, being extreme extravagant, extraordinary and loud , having the most beautiful life-saving theory's.... but still hurting people.. Me I cannot get it and taking it serious, cannot see the 'lesson' you want to share, or the advice you wanna give.

I'd rather walk away (although it keeps me busy), and enjoy the ordinary, what has everything, all greatness in it..

8 februari 2014

A beautiful Trip

'You also should take some now and then in the evening, it's good for you', I was being said lately. In the sense, it would take me out of my mind and would give some nice relexation.
So, well ment, right? How very kind, nah? 

It made me wonder.
Every cell in my body seemed to disagree. Why?

Around me, very close around me, and everywhere in the society I see a lot of serious addictions. So sad.. So terrible sad.. (and yes right, almost everyone would say: 'Me? You're funny. No, I am in charge of it, I can totally handle it')
People cannot find their own way how to relax. To find peace. They miss something that they really enjoy (and become in need of it) what all those beautiful trips drugs can give us (I won't say they're not interesting travelings*)
But this underlaying thing, the need, that for me is so sad.. (And also what harm it can do to yourself later on in your life, and to people around you )

When I became pregnant immediately my body said me what it needed and what not.
And I had no problem at all to leave all unhealthier things.
I'm so glad this happened.
Did it just happen? No it was also a deep laying choice of course, to respect my body and (the newcoming) Life.

And I still have it. Why I should take the risk for coming being depended on certain stuff? Why I should make beautiful trips, when I already know how it expands your mind, when it gave me already a lesson, and see... every day again...how GREAT this trip is.
Which trip?
Sitting here. Typing.
Life itself, how it is.
I prefere the Trip with my own state of mind. I love my mind, how it works and how we can use it to deeper our live. How it's an useful part of me.
I wish it also my children. The love for daily life and the own body, threating it with great respect. Wishing them to find their peace, and able to have and use it every second, without the need for pleasuring trips..

Like a holiday is. It's pleasuring.
But.. in the core it's not a necessairy.
It should not be, or?
If you live the life you want, your Life is a 'holiday'! And you don't need it anymore.. 

(*hearing people talk about indegious people, using it in their way, aware of the lessons it can give you. Yes, I know. But still..!)

1 februari 2014

Freedom. Endless Space.

Deeper than normally I just realized that Life is freedom.
Look to all our chances.
How great that there's always space for change. Isn't that what Freedom is? An ungoing 'having space'?
For healing.
For regeneration.
For growth (inwardly).
For learning.
There are no mistakes. We all get the chance, second by second, to do it different.
More beautiful.
More healthy.

16 januari 2014


Today it's 'international collaboration day' (#iCollDay)
What let me rethink how I see 'collaboration'.

For me, when you collaborate in a surrounding where you really feel welcome -'home'- you create a space for cocreation and 'serendipity'.

Then you can invite 'magic', real growth for both you and your business/ things you work on.

Real collaboration has for me a lot to do with trust and openess.
If you dare to really share from yourself (because you feel home, have the trust you may fail) you can let things grow.

A coworkingspace (like for example Knowmads Greenhouse) is an open space.'A place for magic' , I've heard several times. A place were often things fall together in a beautiful unexpected way.

I think you can collaborate in different ways. When it's really based on trust cocreation can follow. What in my eyes is the way we change our society.

Let's go for more third places like this! Open community spaces, welcome for everyone, where the frequency is so different.
Because 'openess' is the key? Because we need to show our real selves to get really good relationships, which are needed when we really want to grow/ want change?

Yes, me I think so.

13 januari 2014


Just a question in my mind.. 'What if I would die today, what is the main thing I would say to my children?' I discovered that I when I put a away 'my' it seemed I came to the core of what I actually want in life, what the 'thing' is behind everything I do. What it is?
I would ask them to learn themselves. To don't put it in someone else's hands*. To keep it with them, always. As a treasure.
To see the beauty of learning.
Of growing, of life.
That learning is actually 'seeing'.
That learning everything has to do with insights; and not with facts from books, or what teachers teach you.
That seeing 'what is', life, is more important than what.
That all what there is to learn is in them.
And that 'something to become' is a kind of joke.

Such a great question.
Because while typing this, in the metro -early in the morning on my way to my workplace-, watching all seemly depressed people in front of me I feel how happy (not really the good word) I am for being alive..
For being there.
Thinking on a friend who grew up with me and was like a sister, who isn't here anymore.
I am here.
How great.
All personal 'problems', how small.
All world problems.. I can't describe the feeling I am part of the problem and part of the solution.

Feeling life.
Seeing greatness.
Isn't it that I want to say (my) children?

That is learning for me.
Putting all things by yourself (not someone else) in context.

* than it's not 'learning' anymore, but copying facts. Learning is an individual process and isn't measurable (in comparision with what they call learning in schools)

27 november 2013

The ground

In every relation, the relation with your cat, your neighbour, your garden, the teacher of your kid, your dentist, in simply every relation you have with whomever..
...you're walking on holy ground. Even if you have big issues with the other person (or other living being) you are.

That makes that every single SECOND is deep respect-worthy. Even more than 'respect'.

I wanted to write this down here at this moment beacause I feel it's so important to me...

Troubles (my vision)

All troubles, in all kind of relationships, so in family's, organisations,..wherever, start and end in how we see eachother.
Do we see greatness or smallness? 

Can we see the undefinable? We can easily go for the latter. The smallness.  
To go for the first has everything to do how you see the world/ yourself. How you receive.

It's something you cannot learn through any lesson/ course/ coachingsession/ school/ guru.
It has to do with your birth. Your very own relationship with Life, with everything.
Your love. Your embracing with the 'great'. Your embracing with the moment. 
Can you? 
Can you see Life (what's more than our world)? And are you willing to see it, do you give it priority? Or.. is your vision maybe 'troubled'?
It's easy to point the weekness by others. Going for the small. Moving fromout 'they are wrong, they make mistakes', etc. More difficult is it to admit that you didn't went for 'great'.
Yes, you. 

All troubles you see are also laying in you.

You see the world how you are.
A more beautiful world/ organisation as an utopia? What means 'what I see and feel is terrible', or.. 'Look the change what happens! We are doing it different, I do it my way, and therefor the change is immediately. And another world simply is. No matter small or big.'
When you loose this, I personally think your own vision is troubled..
What means: you are the trouble yourself!


26 november 2013


In my eyes 'care' has everything to do with 'being'.
Being there. 
Learning in the biggest sense.
Open for what comes.
Accepting what is.
Giving others space.
By being there.
And act fromout 'that'.

22 november 2013

Meaning/ nothing else matter#2

Some people struggle with purpose. That there need to be something... A specific 'thing' what would be the thing to live for.., a kind of engine, what would give more positiveness in their life. What would give meaning.

I think Life itself it is.

Meaning. What is meaningfull?
I think everything what brings you back toward 'love', so you give the world more love.

But what is 'love'?
Something so undefineble.
It is Life in all it greatness..
It's the now.

And nothing else (matter).

9 november 2013


I can feel very small. Very small. Many moments, especcially in groups. Small, uncertain. But even in such terrible hard moments  I also do feel good in the same time.

My house is small and quite messy often.
This morning I just accepted it. It's also good to have it like this, so I have more time for things which are important to me.
My life seems -like my home- a bit 'messy' too. It's not so 'secure' and structured as for example other people in my life.
Often this is hard.


I can say for me 'it is good'.
Like when you ask me at such a moment when I feel unsecure 'as mad' (and look pretty unconfortable) how I am doing.
I would answer 'I am good'.

Because I see the process, because I see it's me, my life, as it is.
And I feel what we called 'live', that magic, that undefinable, what's there moment by moment. The moment I'm not aware of that anymore, and call my 'problems' more important, the moment I don't see/ feel that anymore, then I could truehearted say:
'I'm not feeling good'.

It's not that I don't want to see the other things, or that I ignore it. It's because Life showed me so often that it's good.
Real good.
What -for me- means everything. It's that what I don't want to ignore!
There is something what rules in (my) life. Goodness. Ignoring that doesn't feel...

(at all)

Two weeks ago Michel Bauwens gave a great open lecture at Knowmads. Unfortunately we didn't film it, but this video gives an idea of the content of the talk.

28 oktober 2013


Feeling grateful. For the things happen right now. All the awesome people 'around' (how bigger this is at the web!)
Today I met Michel Bauwens. The things he works on, the p2p foundation, I already knew a bit (a bit, because it's so huge that I still discover new things every day) and seemed to me great. But today I also had the experience that it feels great.
That made me remember the meeting with Pavlik Elf, already a few months ago. Same feeling.

By both Michel and Pavlik I feel much gratitude I met them. They showed me that they really choose and do where they are standing for. More freedom. Having the freedom to do where one really cares for. What makes work and passion one. What turns 'work' into a constant flow.
I guess this is what makes them doing so great work. Work what gives us a lot.
Instead of just nagging on 'the system' while still being part of it, they create openings where things seems closed.

What they show me is that they give their talents, their passion, their selves for the greater good. They give, give and give. Just natural. And it's not money what they want back.
It's change what they like to see. And people in freedom to live their passion (instead of their 'job').
Pavlik shows that you are not dependent on the money-system to truly live in the world, totally engaged, using your passion and use your skills  for organisations you 'believe' in. Living the way you want.. Giving what you have to give, avoiding walls which stay in the way.

When you think/believe/live in abundance it's not more than natural to share. Also knowledge.
What if we all did it how would the world look like?
And it's happening everywhere. It isn't utopic. It's just reality; have a look at the p2p foundation, the platform it is.
Michel, like Pavlik, chooses to live differently, giving up the 'normal' way of work though he was a quite 'succesful' serial- entrepreneur. And it shows me how 'work' (flow) can look like, and what it can bring mankind. You and me, the world.
This kind of 'entrepreneurship' I like.
An entrepreneurship what has everything to do with your inner self and the stubborness to fulfill.
With abundance rather than 'wanting and need'.
With trust. A deep trust.
And I think it's that trust of both Pavlik and Michel what really made me happy. It resonates, I guess, with my own chronical trust that Life is good, really good, and we have all chance (moment by moment) to change something in the world..

24 oktober 2013

True process of p2p

"Imagine a successful meeting of minds: individual ideas are confronted, but also changed in the process, through the free association born of the encounter with other intelligences. Thus eventually a common idea emerges, that has integrated the differences, not subsumed them. The participants do not feel they have made concessions or compromises, but feel that the new common integration is based on their ideas. There has been no minority, which has succumbed to the majority. There has been no 'representation', or loss of difference. 
Such is the true process of peer to peer." (Michel Bauwens)

What a similarity with my vision of 'cocreation'. The more I read about the p2p-foundation, the more I understand my hapiness when I discovered it..

22 oktober 2013

My One & Only

Two years ago there was a moment I woke up in the middle of the night and really felt my heart. A pain I never felt before.
It was saying something very important for me.

He just reacted ,don't worry, it's just your fear, just your ego.'
I went on. Two years of finding a kind of balance between my heart and him. Between myself and the other. Kind of ignoring what I felt that night and trying/ wanting to believe the other.

Now I know I can never ignore.
A heart is always right.
Now I know there is nothing to 'believe'. There is no one than your own heart.
It's just about feeling and knowing if something is right, truthful. And your compass speaks.
There is nothing more important than your connection with hour heart. The strength of this relationship.

A painful lesson. But how great to know truth is always with you?
What more to believe than your own heart?
Nothing more.
The One & Only!

My One & Only.. That it's me Myself  makes me a bit sad (it isn't that romantic is it) but also really happy. All answers, all lessons; everything is laying within.
It's about listening. And letting nobody over-shout it. Not letting yourself being influenced. Not accepting people to know it better, even if they call their selves a life-coach or whatever. Even if they talk and act like the most enlightened beings, or having the most 'noble' ideas for the world.
Not giving somebody this right. To explain something (read: know something) only you can know. Not placing somebody 'higher' than your own inner. 
There is nothing, nothing and nothing more wise than your very own voice. Whitin.

I have to take care of that my own. Not easy. How easy and nice to give it to somebody else. Someone you place on a golden throne high in the Universe.

Staying strong.. Strong in the most softly way.. What means listening to whatever there within wants to say and learn you.

It was a painful way, again. But again it brought me more towards 'me', my One & Only.

20 oktober 2013


Peer to Peer. What means from the people to the people, or just: 'We do it. Ourselves.'
What means for me the power of humanity. 

About three months ago the question in our 'Monday Check-In' at Knowmads was: 'who do you like to see sitting here on the podium giving an open lecture (even when the person already died, so who really inspires you dead or alive)?' I remember me saying me after 'Krishnamurti' ,,Michel Bauwens".

Michel Bauwens because I just watched a video of his presentation at the OuiShare fest. And was impressed.
Also the 'p2p-foundation and the huge potential of it really 'got' me since I explored it.
This really resonates with my worldview, and the what & why of this blog.
It is about positive change. About collaboration of small iniatives worldwide, the huge power of 'small' and sharing.
It feels so special that now Michel is coming to Knowmads next week. So..my words were heard? It seems so. For me another example that life is so great and full of magic. 'Magic' in the sense of there is so much more than we know. When you're open for it, everything can happen..

A bit more about this foundation.
Michel Bauwens and others created a platform for all the open source iniatives: the p2p foundation. What grew very rapidly. What shows me that 'it' happens. Everywhere. 

'It': 'Lemlem', the name of this blog what means fresh, green.
Iniatives like little seeds and new sprouts.'New', sprouting from what's 'old' and not working anymore. 'Good' in the sense the heart is also involved..

This p2p is a global movement of sharing knowledge worldwide with who- ever, where-ever can use it. Shared because of the common good. Because of the world. 
Open source isn't only about software. It's a kind of openess and willing to create another world, where we exchange property into access. Me into We. In every kind of topic. 

October 27th Michel will visit Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam and give an open lecture. Three hours time to have a good talk! You can register and join for free.

Here a nice read on the foundation ('how peer to peer communities will change the world')
Also you can find Michel and the p2p foundation on this "Enrich-list" of the Post Growth Institute.

P2P and the Commons as the new paradigm from Navid Dixon on Vimeo.

12 oktober 2013

Work & Leisure

Work and leisure. Isn't it one?
So strange we only get paid by our 'work'.
Fromout leisure (where the word 'learning' comes from) we learn.
Our action (the form, the quality of our action) comes fromout learning.

Still leisure is something we have to work for, in a strange way.

When someone knows what to do with leisure it means 'personal growth' what means better work.
A (workspace where is) space for breathing, so for learning.. in my eyes so worthful!

When the importance of leisure is seen more? And the entangling with action, 'work'?
I wonder...

1 oktober 2013

Knowing is dying

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong but we take leap after leap in the dark.”

Agnes de Mille

2 september 2013

Bigger than a paradigm shift

Butterfly's wings

When you have time; an article about climate change. For me it was really worth reading.
'Because any one of our choices might be the proverbial butterfly’s wings'.

27 augustus 2013

Real career

Your life is your real career...

Yes! Something not-to-forget!

Urge/ urgent

How important it is to be you.
In now-a-days education there is no eye for this.

When you have the time to go deep down, unlearn and find yourself, you'll find something what is 'real' you.
Than you'll also get the urge to sing (instead of nagging).
Your own song.
And that's, I think, urgent.

It's so strange; we think a solution for worldproblems is far away.
But we unlearned to look closeby.
What if you, and if everybody would 'sing'?

It reminds me something very interesting David Bohm said about the state of the world with all its problems, the destroying. We can compare it for example with cancer, or with a polluted stream. You can listen it here.
Instead of trying to solve it (clean up) down the river, we have to be at the (our) source of the river; what is always 'now'.

Our own personal songs (real, from your soul, so 'now'- and not the nagging from the 'mind') are, I think, more urgent than we know! 

23 augustus 2013


EM (The abbreviation for 'effective micro-organisms'. A combination made of almost 80 useful regenerative micro-organisms that exist freely in nature and are not manipulated in any way. A mixture what increases the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals and  improves the quality and fertility of soil as well as the growth and quality of crops) show us how effective micro-organisms are.

In now-a-days healthcare micro-organisms are often fightened by medicine. 
Nature shows us that a balance is very healthy. And that fightening doesn't work. See the work of Béchamp.
But our healthcare still preferes the work of Pasteur; what means fighting micro-organisms, trying to keep them 'outside'.
What if you don't fight them like in our standarized healthcare, but try to get a healthy balance?
I think nature, and so our own body, has it's own intelligence. It's own way to regenerate.

I think it's the same at world-level.
What if we don't fight the old structure, the old thinking, the old structures?
What if we would see the world as our own body? Which kind of healthcare would you prefere?

Do. Entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial, it doesn't matter.. Just mix, mesh, connect, inspire, combine..
Like with EM the ground than becomes more fruitfull, healthy.
That's what nature shows us.Her intelligence.

Action fromout fear is like healthcare a la Pasteur..
Let's learn of the work of Béchamp, nature itself, and bless the mesh.
In other words: love the moment, and act fromout that!

18 augustus 2013

Thoughts on 'a world what works'

Thinking on the words in the post I wrote a few hours ago....

A world what works.
For everyone.
How does that looks like?  What's the way to get there? Is there a way?
What works?
What doesn't work?
Works at 'what'?

A lot of questions...Here my personal view at this moment.. (can change of course!)

First, I think it's easy to imagine a 'green' world. Everything clean, naturally, balanced. Happy children, people without jobs, but doing everything with passion and being exactly at the place they want to be.
No hunger. No poverty. All basic needs in every one fulfilled. Everyone being loved and loving. Everyone being able to grow their own food. Community-based. A lot of freedom, and connection -not to forget free wifi . A huge worldwide bruto hapiness product (even much higher than the Buthanese).
Everyone aware of the beauty of te earth, everyting sustainable, everyone balanced and taking care for eachother.
A world how it should look like.
Where we have to build on (or?)

Big question.. does everyone want this, sooner or later?
Can we have this as a goal if not everybody shares the same vision?
What's the way, is there a way, to arive at that point?

I guess that 'let's at least try it, and on the way inspire others to do so', is a kind of common thought.
But in my case,  if I was true to myself, helping to work this utopia/ heaven on earth out, I could for example move to an eco-village right now. And help this movent grow.
This I don't do.

Hmm.., don't do all blueprints lead to an '-isme'?
I feel at home where I am right now.
Living in this dirty city?

Not everyone has the same vision of a beautiful earth at this moment.. There is so much complexity. So many layers. Are the people who have another vision people to proove? That it works community-based an so on?

All answers given to Adebayo's facebookpost, see my last blogpost, really touched me. But maybe most of all the last one:

Dan Schreiber Victor schauberger once said that pure wisdom was really simple and bypassed the brain and went directly to the heart. If something seems complex, it has not matured yet. The answer to this question is really simple and has been in front of us for so long that we cannot see it!
If I look in the mirror and I don't like what I see, do I try and change the reflection by altering the mirror? 
The founding fathers of the modern American nation tackled this and came up with an enlightened view articulated in the independence document relating to pursuit of happiness without disturbing anyone else's pursuit ( still needs tweaking) ..... However , a long line of mystics and saints through time have simplified this even further and it can be summarized as follows. 
The 'world' we see in the mirror like reflection can only be adjusted by adjusting ourselves... Hence the mirror was so sacred to ancient Egyptians and Chinese. The self starts within but on close inspection, radiates out to encompass 'All'.
I have heard the following recipe for this simple practice and ascribe to it-

Do what excites you
In the moment
To the best of your ability
Without expectation

Cultivate self love.
Do I have to move to an eco-village for that?
Isn't the radiance in a city more bigger?

Do what excites you (giving your own answer- your very own respons(ibility)), idem. In the moment, idem. To the best of your ability (doing only things what really feels good, 'ethical responsible'), idem. It can be done everywhere. Every time.
Without expectation, idem. And, aha, I guess there, in the word expectation, is the big 'thing' shows the differ my 'why' from a lot of other 'why's' .

A world written down above, the vision of a heaven on earth, a beautiful utopia having as your goal, the vision what leads you, a kind of fixed point on the map of Life, to arrive (as human beings) sooner or later.
Personal I keep this blanco (future).
Everything (this whole beauty) is in me. Like in you, and everyone.
We already 'have' it (and we already can be happy as when living in this beautiful utopia).
Action fromout this will directly make a change.
A change needed that moment, that place.

So Life works.
It works already.

Create something with our thoughts, professionally written down; a way, a filosophy, a concept, a guide or just some points, what can us help leading to this utopian world?
History showed us already many, many times or?
It makes me laugh a little. We, mankind, as little ants in the whole universe, think we have to invent this? You know what I mean?

I think it's so much simpler. Life itself shows us.
Find it within and just live... Don't think so much where everything will lead...just do!  Simple. Action, change, is needed, isn't it? Where-ever. In your community, somewhere else where you can do your things...
Yes, 'just' do what (more than) excites you!

Then this  more beautiful world can be an effect.
If we (all of us individually) can work (staying in a good relation with one self and all others and being able to do 'the' (personal) things to do) Having the (inner) freedom to do so, I think, personally, only than it will work.

For one self 'it' has to work, then, (fromout freedom; a beautiful startingpoint and not fromout a fear, a wish (how noble it even looks like) or longing/ something to strive for) working together (cocreation) works out.

In short, my point here: there is no 'how'. It comes all to one of us individully. By asking 'how' the answer always come from outside. And that is a lie, because all our precious, 'holy', intelligence, truth is in us. In all of us!
So ''a world what works for everyone how does dat look like?'', is for me, although the best question I heard in times, not possible to be answered.


Or, the other way 'round we can also see it: why 'it' doesn't lead to a world-what-works-for-everyone right now?
I think because we lack to see the "You". But instead an extential leader/ government / guru/  (religious) organisation....(all with their beautiful promises of bright futures)

A world what works for everyone

  • What would a 'world that works for everyone' look like? And what does 'that' even mean? Please comment, friends.

    So happy with this kind of questions. For me an example of the positive side of facebook. Thanks again to Adebayo. 
    For me the question is so interesting because it is going to the core of 'change-making'.. 

    Definetly I'll come back here with my own personal answer.. First a deep, deep dive! 

    4Vind ik leuk ·  · 
    • Ornella Muth No hunger, no weapons, no greed. 
      Equality, liberty, abundance.
      Beauty, diversity, poetry.
      Harmony, art.
    • Alex Duffy Well, if everybody had access and contributed to shared basic community commons facilities, housing, food, clothing, health care, education, then there would be no fear of not having enough to survive. 

      If it was not possible to become wealthy at the expense of another, then exploitation could not exist, of people, animals or nature, so now we would have no resentment either. 

      It just sounds so civilised, why is it not like this now? 

      From this position people could develop themselves in any direction they wanted. I think that would work for everyone.... did you watch this movie about Dr. Robert Sapolsky's work with baboons, its very informative with a great twist at the end and it is very relevant to your questions...  


      9 minutes | Dr. Robert Sapolsky discusses some rather amazing discoveries related to the social and personal consequences of hierarchy.
    • Dapo Nidap Adeniyi A world that works for everyone would be either of two things. Absolute chaos...or absolute order. You already know so much about the all-too-problematic “absolute”...so...there's my answer.
    • Charleen Lynch Transcendence: Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.
    • Flemming Funch A world where we can live in a great variety of different ways, without colliding and fighting about the right way of living. A world where my success doesn't take away from yours, where one person's riches isn't balanced by the poverty of a great many others. A world where the shared infrastructure is directed towards us all having somewhere to live and something to eat, rather than towards the protection of the private power of the few.
    • David Eggleton A world that works for everyone must acknowledge and accommodate the whole reality of every one, each of whom lets that be known. It will be a patchwork of local and regional arrangements.
    • Libertarian Shaman No government, no borders, free market!
    • Sumeet Moghe Unfortunately a world that works for everyone is too complex for one group to imagine. We have to accept that reality and complexity because that's the beauty of our existence. In that regional autonomy and global knowledge and experience sharing will be crucial. The preservation of cultures is crucial too since they may hold the key to what happiness in various contexts may mean.
    • Flemming Funch A world that works for everyone is per definition never that which any particular group wants, no matter how well-intentioned. Which makes it tricky to attempt to design it or build it. Any one-size-fits-all solution will tend to lead to a detour. A sensibility for the multi-dimensional meta level of humanity is required, which we're ill equipped for, but which possibly can be developed.
    • Adebayo C. Akomolafe One critical impasse is the deep pluralism involved in defining what 'works'. Works at what? Whose values will be upheld? Should we assume a convenient universality of principles, a fresco of essentials?
    • Irma Wilson This is THE question to keep asking! 
      Perhaps ask what does a thriving world that works for everyone look like?
    • Dapo Nidap Adeniyi In case you missed my first comment...here I go:

      Imagine a world with absolute order. 
      A world where there is no 'child' 
      No 'mother' to 'smother' 
      No 'brother' to bother or be bullied by 
      No health or wealth problems 
      No government 
      No voracious vicious vermin who vindictively vilify the vast desires of the common man. 

      No rebel to incite opposition 
      No critic to jaw others' creative composition 
      No 'teacher' to 'teach' 'nonsense'
      No law to punish criminals 
      No criminals to keep the dogs running 
      No 'suspicious activity' to keep the 'electric eyes' probing 

      A world without 'the greater good'. 

      If you can... 
      Imagine a world without means and ends 
      Without the need to bend 
      A world without the 'first', 'second ', or 'third' of itself. 

      My entire being painfully resonates with the cacophony of contradictions which 'that' world would create, 
      and so, 
      'That' world doesn't work for me.

    • Flemming Funch The only meaningful universal values would be those that allow and protect the divergence of values. For example, the right to leave if one no longer agrees with the values of the people one is with. You can't assume a universal value of niceness, because it doesn't work for everybody. Some people want to mutually agree to be very not nice to each other. Which they're free to do, as long as they're also free to leave such an arrangement, if they change their minds. Being allowed to think freely for yourself might be another necessary universal value.
    • Adebayo C. Akomolafe Can we assume there could possibly be some finality to this question? Is it possible we could actually resolve this in a way that sidesteps all internal contradictions and paradoxes?
    • Dapo Nidap Adeniyi It is quite a daunting task Adebayo, to sidestep all internal contradictions and paradoxes, for it is more or less impossible to not consider individual perspectives of both this matter, and the world in which we all live.
    • Flemming Funch I think it would be possible to express some fairly unambiguous principles, key to a world that works for everybody. Not easy to do, and not at all easy to implement, but I think that key principles can be identified. The very hard part of doing so is that almost any group of people you sit down to work on it will start bringing in some special interest pet issues and they might even agree on some of them, which dooms the effort right away.
    • Omoniyi O. Olagunju This is not a logic-question neither will it promote the triumph of logic. it is not necessarily the provision of 'good' houses, roads, or commerce; however, it may be a journey to those. From the way I see it, it speaks to the metaphysical convenience of all. 'A world that works for everyone' exists when 'everyone' embrace the evolution of consciousness. But not everyone is ready to understand the definition of 'evolution' and 'consciousness'. Going through the comments above makes me to question my slant again.
    • Alex Duffy Try putting a half a dozen cats in a sack.... and see what happens... so if I want to be a psychopathic maniac and start an empire... that's my right, because I can get enough willing psychopaths to follow me and that enables me to defeat my opponents, by threats and bloody slaughter if necessary etc.... therein is our current status quo. 

      It seems to me that there is no finality to this question as the differences in human evolutionary levels and states of consciousness are too profound and paradoxical to satisfy everybody.

      Did you watch the baboon film? How do we arrive at the same consensus of peaceful community respectfulness... how will we deal with the psychopaths, current research is very revealing about the people with psychopathic tendencies that have risen to power in our society and are dominating via the corporate paradigm....
    • Mawuna R. Koutonin Anyone who has never visited a Meat factory, can't answer this question!

      Anyone who has never visited a cloth factory in Bangladesh, can't answer the question!

      Anyone who has never visited a mine in Congo or South Africa, can't answer the question! 

      You have to see the Dark side of our so called "civilization", before you can fix it! Poesy and Nice intentions won't be enough!
    • David Eggleton I believe we get a world that works for all by way of vision, not by way of repair(s). By way of participation, not by way of provision.
    • Dan Schreiber Victor schauberger once said that pure wisdom was really simple and bypassed the brain and went directly to the heart. If something seems complex, it has not matured yet. The answer to this question is really simple and has been in front of us for so long that we cannot see it!
      If I look in the mirror and I don't like what I see, do I try and change the reflection by altering the mirror? 
      The founding fathers of the modern American nation tackled this and came up with an enlightened view articulated in the independence document relating to pursuit of happiness without disturbing anyone else's pursuit ( still needs tweaking) ..... However , a long line of mystics and saints through time have simplified this even further and it can be summarized as follows. 
      The 'world' we see in the mirror like reflection can only be adjusted by adjusting ourselves... Hence the mirror was so sacred to ancient Egyptians and Chinese. The self starts within but on close inspection, radiates out to encompass 'All'.
      I have heard the following recipe for this simple practice and ascribe to it-

      Do what excites you
      In the moment
      To the best of your ability
      Without expectation